Pope Francis’ tenure has been marked with one controversy after another.

He has feuded with Donald Trump and rewritten key Church teachings.

But he was just blindsided by a challenge which is the worst thing that has ever happened to him.

Pope Francis has used his tenure to attack the traditional values millions of Catholics hold dear.

One of the most sacred institutions in all of Christendom is marriage.

But Francis undermined that sacrament when he published a 2016 document titled, “The Joy of Love.”

In it, Francis opened the door for divorced and remarried Catholics to receive Communion.

This rocked the Church.

Under Catholic doctrine, only death or an annulment can end a marriage.

Divorced Catholics who remarry are considered to be in adulterous relationships and are unable to receive the sacrament.

Traditional Catholics were unnerved by the Pope’s decision and now 62 Catholic priests have signed a “filial correction” to the Pope accusing him of spreading heresy.

The Chicago Tribune reports:

Several dozen tradition-minded Roman Catholic theologians, priests and academics have formally accused Pope Francis of spreading heresy with his 2016 opening to divorced and civilly remarried Catholics.

In a 25-page letter delivered to Francis last month and provided Saturday to The Associated Press, the 62 signatories issued a “filial correction” to the pope — a measure they said hadn’t been employed since the 14th century.

The letter accused Francis of propagating seven heretical positions concerning marriage, moral life and the sacraments with his 2016 document “The Joy of Love” and subsequent “acts, words and omissions.”

The initiative follows another formal act by four tradition-minded cardinals who wrote Francis last year asking him to clarify a series of questions, or “dubbia,” they had about his 2016 text.”

This is the first time a filial correction as been issued since 1333.

While Francis has not responded to this letter – the 14th century Pope who was issued this document recanted for his errors – it is a continuation of his rocky tenure.

The Pope is seen as a unifying force in the Catholic Church.

When he speaks, it is presumed to be on behalf of the billions of Catholics across the world.

But Francis is not seen in this light.

He is the most divisive Pope in memory, and from day one he set about trying to move the Church to left.

He’s softened his stance on abortion – he extended the power to forgive women who terminated their baby’s life.

And now he is undermining the institution of marriage by removing the sanctions for divorced and remarried Catholics.

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