Democrats and pundits are starting to turn their eyes towards 2020.

The left thinks Donald Trump is set up for defeat.

But one new jaw dropping poll revealed Trump’s true re-election fate.

The so-called “mainstream” media obsesses over Trump’s approval number.

They are hoping against hope that because it sits at 40% in the latest Real Clear Politics average, it means he is easy pickings in 2020.

Not so fast.

One new poll reveals the real state of Trump’s re-election fate.

A new Politico/Morning Consult poll finds more Hillary Clinton voters regret their vote and would pick a new candidate than Trump voters regretting their vote.

This runs counter to the entire media narrative.

They are encased in their bubble where they think everyone agrees that Trump is a failure, so they frantically search around for evidence that Trump supporters are abandoning him.

But what they never check – because they can never bring themselves to admit it – is that Trump may have won new voters over.

And Democrats are going to run into the same problem Hillary did in 2016.

Their party base is so extreme and confined to the coasts.

The leftists who show up in the Presidential primaries are going to demand their candidates lash themselves to the same mast of identity politics and socialism that doomed Hillary in 2016.

Voters did not just reject Hillary Clinton personally.

Trump ran on a specific agenda that he laid out in every rally.

America First.

Build the Wall.

End the horrible trade deals.

Hillary Clinton also had a message.

She campaigned on Obama’s third term.

The voters had a clear choice and Trump won a decisive Electoral College victory.

And despite the attempts by so-called “mainstream” media to separate Trump from his voters through fake news scandals and manufactured outrage, more Trump voters have stayed loyal to their candidate than Hillary voters.

Trump already has enough voters to win re-election.

If he keeps his base happy, he will cruise in 2020.

And the Politico/Morning Consult poll shows Trump is well on his way.