Politico is yet another liberal news outlet that consistently promotes fake news stories.

In the past, Politico has not only been an avid critic of President Trump and his policies but encouraged the radical left and social justice warriors to act against the President’s actions.

Now, Politico is encouraging the acts of one social justice warrior in particular and painting the failed celebrity to be a martyr.

Colin Kaepernick threw away his professional career when he refused to stand during the National Anthem at football games.

His protest of “taking a knee” during the patriotic moment ignited a slew of other liberal “activists” wanting to raise awareness to their cause.

But all Kaepernick achieved was pushing away his fans by disrespecting the country.

Now, Politico is painting Kaepernick as a martyr in their latest story– and that the NFL helped him achieve the “honor.”

Breitbart reported:

A recent Politico piece calls Colin Kaepernick a civil rights martyr, it also claims the NFL helped him achieve that status through a litany of unforced errors.

In his September 3 piece, author Ben Strauss hinted that the NFL should have allowed itself to be held hostage by a single player to avoid turning that player into a focus by self-interested civil rights activists.

Strauss cites the opinions and actions of left-wing groups who are rallying to Kaepernick’s side to use him for their own ends. But he gives short shrift to the other side, barely acknowledges a growing body of proof that Kaepernick is not being blackballed, and seems uninterested that a large majority of the fans were unimpressed by Kaepernick’s protests in the first place. Strauss also blamed the whole thing on President Donald Trump.

Strauss attempted to argue that Kaepernick rallied others to a cause that needed to be addressed in the nation – minority oppression.

But Kaepernick crossed a line in his protests, first by refocusing his protests against the police, then by accusing an entire nation of being inherently biased against its fellow citizens.

Kaepernick is also a fervent supporter of the radical liberal group, “Black Lives Matter”, which consistently encourages violence in the nation rather than promoting change.

Breitbart continued:

Kaepernick’s protests may have started that way, but Kaepernick himself expanded his protests into a statement against police in particular and the entire country in general. For instance, he wore socks portraying police as pigs. This is an act that turned a discussion about police occasional brutality into a blanket statement of hate for all police regardless of their actions. He also said that the U.S. was never great, meaning that he stands against the whole country in general, not just against “racism.” He has also proclaimed that the whole of the country is racist –despite that he was adopted and raised by a white family. Additionally, Kaepernick has been seen wearing a Fidel Castro shirt thereby celebrating a man who has murdered hundreds of thousands of political opponents over the last 50 years. He is also a supporter of the Black Lives Matter, a group many Americans feel is a domestic terror outfit that has been responsible for multiple riots, millions in property destruction, and deaths across the U.S.

Colin Kaepernick’s protests and actions changed from his initial mild-mannered protest. It grew into a more direct attack on America as opposed to a mere attempt to address racism and scattered instances of “police brutality.”

Do you think Colin Kaepernick destroyed his NFL career by his own hands?

Would you consider Kaepernick to be a martyr in any way?

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