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Nancy Pelosi made it official this week, becoming House Speaker once again for the first time since 2010.

Almost immediately after retaking the gavel, Pelosi decided to attack President Trump with this ridiculous proposal.

And what she said will leave Trump supporters outraged.

Newly-elected Speaker Nancy Pelosi took control of the House of Representatives this week for the first time in eight years.

With her newfound and reclaimed power, Pelosi is now working to troll President Trump and his supporters.

The Democratic Speaker held a press conference at the capitol last week where she jokes about handing President Trump a $1 bill to build a wall along the southern border with Mexico.

Breitbart reports, “Thursday at a press conference, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) joked that she might pay a dollar for President Donald Trump’s proposed wall on the U.S. Mexico border. When asked if Democrats would spend “even a dollar” for a wall, Pelosi said, “A dollar? A dollar? Yeah, one dollar.””

The reporters at the press conference wanted to press further with the question.

One reporter asked the House Speaker how high was she willing to go to make a deal with the President. But when they asked Pelosi about how much money she was offering to spend on the wall, the House Speaker instantly became defensive and refused to answer the question.

“No, you said a dollar, you said a dollar. That’s not your question, you said a dollar, I’m answering your question,” Pelosi fired back. “The fact is, the wall is an immorality.”

That Speaker Pelosi would dismiss such a serious issue with a trivial joke about handing Trump a dollar to build the wall, and then refused to answer legitimate questions about how far she would go to strike a deal with the President, is astounding.

It’s the sort of crass rejection of the very issues which drove tens of millions of Americans to elect Donald Trump in the first place.

Pelosi’s comments are the sort that will enrage every Trump supporter.

Not only is she using her power to obstruct the President’s agenda, but she thinks it’s appropriate to make jokes about a situation which is nearing critical mass along the southern border with Mexico.

After two years, President Trump’s signature agenda item remains undone, though it’s not for a lack of trying on the President’s part.

It’s for a lack of caring on the part of Congressional Democrats like Nancy Pelosi.

The fact is, she does not care about securing the border.

She would rather allow waves of illegal immigrants to cross unopposed into the country so she can give them amnesty and then citizenship, in order to elect a permanent Democratic majority to Congress and the presidency.

And as long as Trump stands in her way, Pelosi will continue to make slights directed at him and his supporters.

Do you think Pelosi is serious about securing the border and building a wall? Or is she simply playing politics with American national security?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.