Nancy Pelosi is in the middle of a new firestorm.

She has a problem that keeps popping back up.

And when she recently stepped in front of the cameras, it was obvious her career was over.

Pelosi alleges that “brain freeze” continues to haunt her.

When discussing the House GOP passing their tax cut legislation, she lost her train of thought and stumbled over her words.

The American Mirror reports:

“Nancy Pelosi suffered an ill-timed brain freeze on Thursday, just as she was questioning Donald Trump’s “fitness” to serve as president.

The House Minority Leader was criticizing the Republican tax plan during a press conference when the topic turned to articles of impeachment that were filed by several House Democrats this week.

Seeking to distance herself from the impeachment push, Pelosi said, “People want to go do some other things, that’s up to them, but that’s not what our focus is.

“Our focus is on (the tax fight). The, uh—” she said before trailing off and staring at reporters. “Public— has questions about the fitness of this president to be president,” she insisted, recovering from her apparent brain freeze, “and that’s a, a legitimate discussion.

“But our focus, our energy, our, uh— purpose is to get a better deal for the America’s working— America’s working families,” she repeated.”

You can watch the video below.

The influential Drudge Report has also chronicled her multiple instances of alleged “brain freeze”.

Pelosi has become a lightening rod in special elections this year.

Republicans won all four competitive special elections and largely did so by making Pelosi a central issue.

Will her alleged “brain freeze” hurt the Democrats in 2018?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.