A new Gallup poll just came out and it’s great news for President Trump.

Democrats will be reeling when they see what issues Americans care about the most.

After spending two years railing against fake “Russian collusion” and demanding impeachment, what the American people actually care about will stun the D.C. political class.

Gallup, one of America’s oldest and most respected pollsters, just released a poll covering what issues Americans care about the most.

The survey asked Americans what they consider to be the “top problem” facing the country today.

Democrats would almost certainly say the top problem facing America is Russia, or even President Trump himself.

But the results Gallup just published will have them running for the hills.

After two years of endless hounding of Russian collusion, calls for impeachment, and generally negative stories about President Trump and his agenda, the American people still agree with the President on what issues they think are the most important problems facing the nation.

Gallup’s poll listed “government” as the number 1 problem most Americans believe is facing the country today.

Their second choice was “immigration”.

Trump got elected to the office of President in the first place on these two issues.

While Hillary Clinton ran a campaign arguing that she was entitled to the White House, Donald Trump ran a campaign promising to Drain the Swamp in Washington, and to finally fix America’s broken borders.

And two years into his presidency, those are still the top priorities for Americans.

When breaking down the poll’s results, the numbers get even worse for Democrats, and highlight just how out of touch they are from the rest of the country.

While Americans listed immigration as their second biggest issue, just 7% of Democrats said the same.

Likewise, only 3% of Americans listed gun control as their top issue, suggesting Nancy Pelosi’s plans to push through sweeping gun control laws next month won’t have broad support among the American people.

The Gallup poll results clearly show that the American people still care about the top priorities Donald Trump had championed rather than the ones Democrats have pushed for.

While the 2020 election is still just under two years away, the poll is a good early sign for the President, who seeks to continue to run on his initial campaign promises to clean up Washington and secure the border.

This suggests that if President Trump continues to campaign on draining the swamp in 2020 and ending illegal immigration into the country, Democrats would have a tough time defeating him.

When Nancy Pelosi takes the gavel in January, she would be wise to remember this poll and realize that the issues her party has been pushing for nearly two years are not what most Americans care about.

What are your thoughts? Do you think the Gallup poll showing America’s top priorities are government and immigration help President Trump in 2020? Should Democrats be worried about these results?

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