Donald Trump has left Democrats deranged like never before.

But he has them right where he wants them.

And now, one top Pelosi ally just gave President Trump a win he never saw coming.

President Donald Trump has a talent for getting Democrats to fall right into his trap.

The President will usually tweet something, wait for the left to explode, and then reveal how they did exactly what he was predicting they’d do all along.

This is a tactic he has used for the better part of two years.

And now they’re at it again.

After President Trump caused a liberal firestorm with his comments about the conditions in Baltimore, a Democrat-run city that has been under the control of the far left for decades, Democrats lost their minds.

They claimed without evidence that the President was a racist and that he was attacking the people of Baltimore, rather than the corrupt politicians who have driven it into the dirt.

But while Trump was being attacked by the far-left, he just scored a massive victory that no one saw coming.

The very Congressman that Trump slammed for his failures to fix the problems in Baltimore just conceded to Trump that he was right all along.

“Maryland Rep. Elijah E. Cummings said Wednesday that he’d like President Donald Trump, who recently attacked him and his hometown of Baltimore, to visit his district,” reports Roll Call.

This is a huge victory for the President.

Cummings is essentially admitting that Trump’s criticisms of the way Democrats have run Baltimore all these years were in fact true all along.

And now he’s crawling back to the President to try and get him to show up in his district.

““Ah God, I want him to come,” the Democratic congressman said at a Wednesday luncheon at the National Press Club, as he addressed Trump’s recent tweetstorm disparaging Baltimore,” adds Roll Call.

Cummings has been the Congressman for parts of Baltimore for decades and yet the conditions in the city remain as bad as ever.

The fact that Trump was able to get Cummings to go from slamming him publicly to asking him to show up in his district in the matter of a few days is a political victory for the ages.

It’s something that rarely happens in American politics.

And Trump pulled it off flawlessly.

Not only did Cummings just surrender the moral high ground to Trump, but he essentially gave Trump a massive public relations boost.

After all, why would Cummings want to ride around Baltimore with Trump if he still thought the President was a White Supremacist?

Whether or not Cummings’ offer was sincere, it still serves as a major rallying point for Trump supporters.

And it’s a win that the President can point to for months to come.

Do you think that Trump was right when he attacked Democrat policies in Baltimore?

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