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The bad news continues to rain down on former President Bill Clinton’s head.

The arrest of Jeffrey Epstein is causing many Americans to question Clinton’s relationship to the alleged pedophile.

Now a report surfaced claiming that one photograph is the smoking gun proving Bill Clinton is guilty in this sex scandal involving underage girls.

Bill Clinton did provide satisfactory answers to questions about his friendship with Epstein.

Clinton lied about when he first met Epstein and how many times Clinton traveled aboard Epstein’s “Lolita Express” private plane.

The answer to that question may have been revealed in a recent story published in Vanity Fair.

Reporter Emily Jane Fox interviewed former Trump aide Sam Nunberg, who describes a scene where former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen relayed the details of a meeting in 2015 with National Enquirer publisher David Pecker.

Cohen relayed that Pecker told Cohen about compromising photos the publication had of Clinton and Epstein at Epstein’s private island where Epstein was accused of ferrying in underage girls for sex slavery and other misconduct.

Vanity Fair exclusively reports:

After the meeting Trump called in Sam Nunberg, then a Trump Organization employee, who saw Pecker leaving Trump’s office. “Michael was sitting in there when I came in, and the issue of the National Enquirer with the pictures of Prince Andrew was on his desk,” Nunberg recalled. “He said not to tell anyone, but that Pecker had just been there and had brought the issue with him. Trump said that Pecker had told him that the pictures of Clinton that Epstein had from his island were worse.”

After this meeting, Donald Trump spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference where Trump hinted that Clinton’s relationship with Epstein would be a major issue in Hillary Clinton’s expected 2016 Presidential campaign.

“Nice guy,” Trump said of Bill Clinton to the CPAC attendees.”Got a lot of problems coming up, in my opinion, with the famous island with Jeffrey Epstein. Lot of problems.”

Ever since federal agents recently arrested Epstein on sex trafficking charges, the fake news media kicked into overdrive trying to make this a scandal revolving around President Trump.

They took one quote from 2002 where Trump offered praise for Epstein to try and link him to Epstein’s allegedly monstrous behavior.

But there is no evidence Trump and Epstein were friendly or traveled together.

In fact, Donald Trump banned Epstein from his Mar-a-Lago club after Epstein was accused of misconduct with a young girl.

This is a Bill Clinton scandal through and through.

Clinton is the one the media should be pressing for answers since Clinton was the one with a buddy-buddy relationship with Epstein.

Real reporters would be trying to dig for the truth about claims of incriminating photos of Epstein and Clinton on a private island known for young girls being trafficked for unthinkable sexual misconduct.

Instead, the fake news media manufactured a hoax “scandal” about Donald Trump and his nonexistent relationship with Jeffrey Epstein.

Americans would be shocked about this unethical media conduct but it has become the norm in today’s politics.

American Patriot Daily will continue to cover this ongoing story.