Chuck Schumer and the Democrats have spent all of 2018 banking on the fact that a blue wave would wash across America in November.

This liberal tide would sweep Schumer and Nancy Pelosi into perches of power from which they could launch impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump.

But one number just sent Democrats running for their lives.

Predictions of a blue wave may have been premature.

Democrats must flip two Senate seats to topple the Republican majority.

The party is also facing the grim reality that it must defend ten incumbents in states Donald Trump won by double-digits.

And the most endangered Democrat may be West Virginia’s Joe Manchin.

Manchin is running for re-election in a state Trump carried by 42 points and where he enjoys sky-high popularity.

West Virginia Attorney General Pat Morrisey won the GOP nomination by defeating the Mitch McConnell-backed RINO Evan Jenkins.

Morrisey is running on a pro-Trump populist platform and that has him well positioned to defeat Manchin.

And the first poll since the primary finds Morrisey leading Manchin by a slim two point margin.

But most worrisome for Manchin is that a majority of voters believe it is time for someone else to represent the Mountaineer State in Washington.

Axios reports:

“After Tuesday’s West Virginia primary, red-state Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin is now trailing Republican Attorney General Patrick Morrisey by two points in his re-election race, according to a new poll conducted by WPA intelligence.

Why it matters: That’s within the margin of error, but the poll is a sign that the GOP has improved its chances of defeating Manchin since Don Blankenship lost the primary this week. Manchin is in an especially vulnerable position given that President Trump won West Virginia by 42 points 2016.

Meanwhile, several Republican leaders and outside groups are looking to West Virginia as a sign of what to expect in places where red-state Democrats face similar struggles.

By the numbers:

  • 46% of West Virginia voters surveyed said they would vote for Morrisey in the November general election, while 44% said they would vote for Manchin. 11% were undecided.

  • 51% said it was “time for a new person to be in the U.S. Senate,” 37% said Manchin “deserves reelection,” and 13% refused to answer.

  • Among undecided voters, 59% have an unfavorable view of Manchin, while 30% have a favorable view.”

In addition to obstructing Trump’s agenda, Manchin also backed creating a national federal gun registration database.

That is a political killer in pro-gun West Virginia.

If Republicans defeat just one Democrat incumbent, then they can thwart Schumer’s plans to gain power and try and destroy Trump’s re-election.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in the midterm election.