Barack Obama loyalists embedded in the government have conspired to bring down Donald Trump.

It began with the Deep State leak campaign to cripple the administration with the Russia collusion investigation.

But the shadow government’s plot against Trump is even worse than you think.

Career bureaucrats in the federal departments are engaging in a stealth campaign to chip away at Trump’s Make America Great Again agenda.

They are sneaking Barack Obama’s policies into action using underhanded methods such as simply renaming them or defying Trump’s wishes.

One example is that career bureaucrats at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration are consistently publishing blog posts about so-called “man made” global warming.

Trump has rejected this hoax, but the embedded Obama loyalists continue to promote this hogwash in defiance of administration policy.

Bloomberg reports:

“In report after report following Donald Trump’s election, career staffers at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration kept saying the same thing: climate change is real, serious and man-made.

That’s surprising because Trump has called global warming a hoax. His political appointees at the Commerce Department, which oversees NOAA, have complained to its staff, but stopped short of demanding changes or altering the findings. So the reports, blog posts and public updates kept flowing. The bureaucrats won.

“Everything coming out of NOAA does not reflect this administration,” said David Schnare, a retired lawyer for an industry-backed think tank who served on Trump’s transition team and is skeptical about climate change. “It reflects the last one…

Perhaps no policy area better illustrates the dynamic than climate change. A report commissioned by the energy secretary to explore the dangers of wind and solar energy to the power grid initially found just the opposite. Pentagon staffers effectively stalled a Trump reversal of an Obama policy on climate change and national security by initiating a review that’s apparently still underway nine months later. Federal procurement officials have kept promoting zero-emission vehicles but by focusing on economic gains rather than environmental benefits.”

Federal bureaucrats – who are not elected and do not get to make policy – have taken up the mantle of the anti-Trump “resistance.”

But in doing so they are creating a constitutional crisis.

Their job is to implement policy.

It is the job of elected officials – and those who are confirmed by elected officials – to determine public policy because they can be held accountable by the voters.

The American people elected Trump and in doing so provided him a mandate to carry out the agenda he campaigned on.

No one voted for the career staff at the NOAA.

If they want to carry out Obama’s global warming agenda, then they need to resign and run for office.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in the silent coup being waged against President Trump.


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