Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 2.03.38 PMWhat is he up to?

Just a few weeks after the Baltimore riots saw gang members calling for hits on police…and only a few months after the riots in Ferguson, Obama is now working to keep certain kinds of weapons out of the hands of police.

Thus putting their lives in grave danger.

The White House recently announced it would work to prohibit police forces from using some military-stye equipment to fight crime.

Obama and his administration claim the potential for abuse is too high, and in order to promote trust in local police forces devices like armored tanks and machine guns should be kept away from local police departments.
While there is zero doubt the growth of the police state has surged under Obama, you can be sure what was just happened is not in the best interests of the average American.

In fact, this plan is entirely for Obama’s favorite demographic here in the U.S.


Essentially because minorities acted out against the police, they can now expect to do battle against a far less formidable adversary.

That means while these communities will continue to stock up on certain kinds of weapons, the police will be left with little to defend themselves.

The Blaze writes…

The White House said that effective immediately, the federal government will no longer fund or provide armored vehicles that run on a tracked system instead of wheels, weaponized aircraft or vehicles, firearms or ammunition of .50-caliber or higher, grenade launchers, bayonets or camouflage uniforms. The federal government also is exploring ways to recall prohibited equipment already distributed.

In addition, a longer list of equipment the federal government provides will come under tighter control, including wheeled armored vehicles like Humvees, manned aircraft, drones, specialized firearms, explosives, battering rams and riot batons, helmets and shields.

Starting in October, police will have to get approval from their city council, mayor or some other local governing body to obtain it, provide a persuasive explanation of why it is needed and have more training and data collection on the use of the equipment

Much of this equipment is absolutely essential for keeping police safe.

The other interesting part in all of this is how not a penny will be cut from the budgets of five federal agencies who spent an estimated $18 billion dollars giving them access to “92,442 small arms, 44,275 night-vision devices, 5,235 Humvees, 617 mine-resistant vehicles and 616 aircraft.”

This gives the federal government a unique advantage over local law enforcement, all while compromising the ability of police to fight crime.

And what of the majority of Americans who don’t trust the federal government?

Will Obama be working to help restore the trust between Americans and the government by reducing the total amount of military equipment the possess?


If anything this is one more reason not to trust Obama.

Everything he does is to grow the scope of the federal government, while limiting freedoms at the local level.

It’s terrifying, and it must be stopped.