Under former President Barack Obama, many damaging policies were put into effect that caused damage to working Americans and their communities.

And now, his many ridiculous environmental policies that wasted American tax dollars are being removed from Trump’s government.

Obama’s prized Paris Agreement ties have already been severed by Trump, which will save both money and resources for the United States that have been wasted since Obama signed the document.

Now Obama’s previously enforced “Climate Action Plan” is being thrown out by companies in the Midwest whose factories were impacted greatly by his “clean-living” policies, in favor of employing American workers in the coal industry.

A Mississippi power plant announced Wednesday that it would refuse to use Obama’s previously required equipment that was federally funded and which hindered the building of new coal-fired power plants.

The Daily Caller reports:

Southern Company and Mississippi Power announced the Kemper power plant would be not using its carbon capture and storage (CCS) system to generate electricity. The plant will continue to only use natural gas, but not the federally-funded technology the Obama administration argued would be the future of coal power.

“We are committed to ensuring the ongoing focus and safety of employees while we consider the future of the project, including any possible actions that may be taken by the Commission,” Southern Company CEO Thomas Fanning said in a statement.

The Environmental Protection Agency cited the Kemper power plant and its carbon capture and storage (CCS) system when trying to justify their previous banning of the construction of coal-based energy plants.

The rule was enforced in 2015 under former President Obama.

Two more plants in California and Texas were called out for their use of coal rather than the more “environmentally-friendly” carbon capture method.

But Obama and his administration failed to realize that what he was doing was actually illegal.

The Daily Caller reports:

Critics said EPA’s citing of Kemper to impose a de facto ban on coal plants was not only illegal, but technically and economically problematic. Kemper was one of several projects EPA cited that had gotten federal grants, loans and tax credits.

The plant was also plagued by cost overruns and delays. The $7.5 billion CCS plant came in $4 billion over budget and was supposed to begin operating in 2016.

EPA rebuffed critics in its 2015 regulation. The agency said:

The carbon capture process being utilized for the Kemper County IGCC is a commercial technology referred to as Selexol. The Selexol process is a commercial technology that uses proprietary solvents, but is based on a technology and principles that have been in commercial use in the chemical industry for over 40 years. Thus, the risk associated with the design and operation of the carbon capture equipment incorporated into the Plant’s design is manageable.

CCS systems caused many problems for the coal industry, besides the fact it was illegal to enforce the use of the machines.

The CCS systems increased costs for factories, as well as being unproven to effectively help any part of the environment, which was supposedly Obama’s goal.

The Daily Caller reports:

Now, operators don’t plan on using its CCS system after state regulators pressured operators to stop using “unproven technology” that could increase electricity prices.

“We believe this decision is in the best interests of our employees, customers, investors and all other stakeholders,” Fanning said.
Whether or not a new system will be put into place is another matter entirely.

While President Trump supports a “clean-coal” program, Energy Secretary Rick Perry is supportive of CCS coal plants, having a more successful one based in his home state.

Regardless of what President Trump has in store for the coal industry, Obama’s many environmental policies merely wasted American tax-dollars and funding that put us millions more in debt, but should soon be overwritten.

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