Barack Obama’s Deep State has been working against Trump from day one.

Obama loyalists and career employees have engaged in illegal leaks and bureaucratic sabotage to thwart Trump’s agenda.

But now they have the help of an ally inside the White House in their coup against Trump.

National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster recently purged pro-Trump members of the National Security Council.

He did so to promote holdovers from the Obama administration in an effort to kneecap Trump’s America First foreign policy.

McMaster is a globalist who supports the Iran deal, refusing to say the words “radical Islamic terrorism”, staying the Paris global warming agreement, and ramping up the U.S. presence in Afghanistan with thousands of more troops.

Trump and is supporters oppose all of these policies.

So in an effort to box Trump in by only feeding him information and options that conform to the globalist point of view, McMaster fired a number of Trump loyalists from the National Security Council.

Breitbart reports:

“The first casualty was Rich Higgins, who penned a memo warning that “globalists, bankers, Islamists, and establishment Republicans” were seeking to destroy the president.

A source close to Higgins said he had drafted the memo at home during his free time, to discuss with others who worked on the Trump campaign the “unique political situation” the administration was facing. The memo also warned that the White House did not take the threat seriously, and that those close to the president wanted to push him away from his base, which would make him politically vulnerable…

… Next to be removed from the National Security Council was retired Army Col. Derek Harvey — a respected member of military and intelligence circles in Washington…

… The source said McMaster fired Harvey because he wanted to support the president’s foreign policy agenda, which McMaster disagreed with “on nearly every” major area, including the Paris Climate Agreement, NAFTA, interventionism, Afghanistan, and whether there is such thing as “radical Islam…

… The third casualty was Cohen-Watnick, who served as the senior director of intelligence programs on the NSC.

McMaster had wanted to put someone else in that position months ago, but Bannon and Kushner had ruled it out. Kushner had finally relented, leading to his removal on August 2.”

The globalists in the Deep State – and the Trump administration – hate the America First agenda.

They want open borders, global trade deals, and American military power deployed across the world in unending foreign wars.

Opposing these policies won Trump the election.

But internationalists were not willing to give up their power just because they lost an election.

So they began a coup against the President.

And part of that is purging his most loyal supporters from the administration.

There is an old saying that personnel is policy.

McMaster is trying to destroy Trump’s America First agenda by installing Obama loyalists and globalists in key positions on the National Security Council.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this story.