Barack ObamaDemocrats have been waiting for Barack Obama to weigh in on the 2020 Presidential Election.

The party’s field of candidates is a mess and party activists are looking to Obama to chart a course to victory.

But all hell broke loose when Barack Obama told one hard truth about 2020 that sent Democrats into a panic.

Barack Obama recently spoke at a high dollar fundraiser in California for the Democratic National Committee.

The event raised more than 3 million dollars and the approximate 100 fat cats in attendance purchased the ability to ask Obama and Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez questions.

Naturally, the Democrat Party donor class’s anxiety about the 2020 election and the party’s weak field of candidates came up.

However, instead of giving a Knute Rockne style pep talk to fire up the party faithful, Obama issued a clear warning that Democrats were headed to defeat in 2020.

Obama’s message was simple: Democrat voters demanding candidates adhere to far-left dogma and socialism were rendering whichever candidate that emerges as the eventual nominee unelectable.

“We will not win just by increasing the turnout of the people who already agree with us completely on everything,” Obama told the crowd. “Which is why I am always suspicious of purity tests during elections. Because, you know what, the country is complicated.”

Obama did try to placate the crowd by harkening back to what is now a religious belief in the Democrat Party that people’s worth is based on their race, gender or if they choose to live as a homosexual.

Democrats leaned hard into identity politics in 2016 and made Hillary Clinton’s status as the potential first female president a main selling point to voters.

That backfired as Trump voters saw the Democrats were telling Americans that the country only belonged to the so-called “coalition of the ascendant” – the young, minority and female voters that made up the Obama base.

“We have a number of women candidates and we have one gay candidate. And those candidates are going to have barriers if they win the nomination, or they win the general election — just like I did,” Obama told donors. “You can overcome that resistance if the way you are framing these issues and messages indicate, ’Look, I’m part of an American tradition … of opening up opportunity.’”

Obama told Democrats this was a mistake and that the party should not write off white working-class voters that previously voted Democrat, but felt abandoned by the party’s leftward cultural drift on abortion on demand, open borders, slavery reparations, confiscating guns, and allowing men in the women’s bathroom.

“We should not be somehow thinking either we’re going for our base voter of young hipsters and African Americans and single women versus Joe lunch-pail, hard-hat guy,” he said. “Because you know what? … I’ve had conversations with all those groups, and they share common dreams and common hopes and a vision for what a fair, just America would look like.”

Obama’s words of caution are going unheeded.

Despite running on the most radically anti-American platform in history, Obama recognizes that the 2020 election is going far beyond even his attempts to turn America into a socialist nation.

Whereas Obama worked undercover to turn America into a Venezuela-like socialist state, the current crop of candidates are responding to voter pressure to show how they will turn America into a Soviet-style Republic overnight.

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