36663696_sThe United States deserves someone better than Obama.

You know that, you’ve known it since 2007 when he started campaigning.

But you need to understand the man in the oval office poses a very real threat to many of your constitutional liberties.

One of the things Obama has been adamant about since taking office is stripping Americans of their gun rights. He believes it to be one of his highest callings. And it looks like he’s set to use his executive power to orchestrate one of the most outrageous means of restricting gun rights.

The president is set to work on a ban of a popular kind of 5.56 mm ammunition for the most popular rifle in the nation: the AR-15.

The bullet in question is the “Green tip” also known as an armor piercing round. It’s technical classification is the M855.

Here’s what Jeff Knox writes:

Since the AR platform is the single most popular rifle in the country, and M855 is one of the most common types of ammunition used in AR rifles, banning this ammo would have a significant effect on the market, by reducing ammo supply, driving up prices and forcing the military to spend money to destroy their older stocks, rather than making money by selling it to shooters.

While liberals will argue no one needs an armor piercing bullet, you can be sure the benefits to having one are pretty obvious, especially as criminals begin to use body armor with more frequency.

But that’s not the real issue here.

At stake is the ability for Americans to use ammunition to defend themselves, period.

And the ATF is fast tracking this assignment under orders from Obama.

What this does is it chips away incrementally at our constitutional rights.

The law that this is being executed under is one designed to help protect police. Surprisingly though, this kind of round is very rarely used in the commission of a crime. It has a much higher use in both sport shooting as well as hunting owing to its accuracy.

The ban isn’t really being done on account of protecting anyone. It’s being done to limit freedom.

If this law is allowed to pass all it does is put American gun rights on a very slippery slope.

With each ban, and with each law, we are closer and closer to losing that which makes us American.

Do you think this is a serious issue?

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