Obama’s memory is highly selective

Obama claims that his administration was better than Trump’s because they didn’t have any scandals that embarrassed the White House.

The operative phrase seems to be “embarrassed him.”

Because the Obama administration had some serious scandals.

Breitbart reported:

Former President Barack Obama denied that his administration had any scandals that embarrassed him or his team.

It is unclear why Obama clarified that there were no scandals “that embarrassed us.”

“There were mistakes,” he admitted. “We’d screw up, but there wasn’t anything venal during eight years. I know that seems like a low bar, but you look at the presidency; that’s no small thing.”

Conservatives remember the Obama years differently, citing the Fast and Furious scandal, the IRS scandal, wiretapping journalists, the terror attacks in Benghazi, delivering pallets of cash to Iran, and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s illegal use of a private email server for government emails.

Obama did not describe what it would take to embarrass him.  But at the end of the article, we will include more details on each of the scandals.

Breitbart continued:

The former president also insisted there was not much drama either, thanks to his leadership and organization skills.

This is a rather amazing claim considering the major battles that occurred between Hillary and his press secretary.

“Typically speaking, you didn’t hear about a whole lot of drama inside our White House, and that was also rare,” he said.

But Obama failed to mention reports of his press secretary Robert Gibbs’s cursing at Valerie Jarrett and first lady Michelle Obama. Gibbs left the administration soon after.

Obama admitted there were arguments among his “team of rivals” in the White House but said it was more about people trying to solve tough issues.

“I did have a strong bias towards people who just wanted to get things right, get things done, as opposed to people who were obsessed with ‘I want to be right. I want to prominent.

I want to have my name in the headlines,’” he said. “And if you can create that culture, then you are more likely to be successful.”

To remind people, the Obama administration was rife with scandals, the difference is the leftist media was working hard to buck up Obama’s presidency, while seemingly working overtime to bring down the Trump administration.

Here are just some of the Obama administration scandals:

Operation Fast and Furious: Obama partisans seem to think any given example of abuse or ineptitude by their man stopped being a “scandal” the moment it seemed clear he wouldn’t be impeached over it. Operation Fast and Furious, the Obama administration’s program to use American gun dealers and straw purchasers to arm Mexican drug lords, is a scandal with a huge body count, prominently including Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agent Jaime Zapata, plus hundreds of Mexican citizens.

Eric Holder held in contempt of Congress: This was a result of Operation Fast and Furious, but it merits distinction as a separate scandal in its own right. Holder was the first sitting member of a president’s cabinet in the history of the United States to be held in contempt of Congress.

ObamaCare:  ObamaCare is a scandal, from the President’s incessant lies about keeping your old plan if you liked it to Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s “we need to pass it to find out what’s in it” which is a clear dereliction of Congressional duty.

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The IRS scandal: The selective targeting of conservative groups by a politicized Internal Revenue Service was a scandal grenade Democrats and their media pals somehow managed to smother, even though the story began with the IRS admitting wrongdoing.

Benghazi: Breitbart reported- Obama and his supporters thinking all of his pre-2012 scandals ceased to exist the moment he won re-election. Benghazi has been investigated extensively, and argued about passionately, since the night of September 11, 2012. Nothing can change the absolute fact that the Obama administration’s story for the first few weeks after the attack was false, and they knew it was false. They spun a phony story to buy themselves a little time during a presidential election campaign, and it worked.

Polluting the Colorado River: The Environmental Protection Agency managed to turn the Colorado River orange under this greenest of green Presidents. The Environmental Protection Agency took responsibility Friday for inadvertently polluting a Colorado River with 1 million gallons of toxic orange wastewater while trying to clean up an abandoned gold mine.

The GSA scandal: The General Services Administration was caught wasting ridiculous amounts of taxpayer money on lavish parties and silly projects. Heroic efforts to resist accountability were made, leaving puzzled observers to ask what it took to get fired from government employment under Barack Obama. 

Secret Service gone wild: The Obama years saw one scandal after another hit the Secret Service, from agents going wild with hookers in Columbia, to a fence jumper penetrating the White House, and a tipsy Secret Service official driving their car into a security barrier.

At what point does Mr. Obama get embarrassed?