All of us remember last year when Obama decided to trade 5 top Taliban terrorists for private Bowe Bergdahl. Yet another “bad deal” where Obama did something Anti-American despite the protestations of the people.

The interesting thing about this deal is who exactly Obama was trading for.

A deserter and a coward.

We weren’t exactly sure how this was going to play out in the long run, but based on our policy of refusing to negotiate with terrorists, it was something that never should have happened in the first place.

The craziest thing is how the Army has just leveled charges against Bergdahl that haven’t been used in a long, long time.

Not only has Bergdahl been accused of desertion, he’s even been charged with a rare charge called “misbehavior before the enemy.”

The charge of misbehaving before the enemy is quite serious and if it were found he was guilty of the charge he could face a life sentence.

Wow! Obama traded 5 known terrorists for a man who might possibly spend the rest of his life in jail for putting his fellow soldiers in grave danger.

Remember too Berghdal has written his parents before he abandoned his post and said he was done supporting our effort to rid the world of terrorists like Al-Qaeda and even went so far as to say he was “ashamed to be an American.”

Perhaps the worst aspect of this story is what happened after he deserted his post.

Western Journalism wrote on this:

According to CNN by accounts of those engaged in the searches, at least six soldiers died in operations seeking to find Bergdahl after he went missing.

The president lauded Bergdahl’s release last year with a Rose Garden ceremony. Obama said to the soldier’s parents, who were in attendance: “[T]oday families across America share in the joy that I know you feel…As President, I know that I speak for all Americans when I say we cannot wait for the moment when you are reunited and your son, Bowe, is back in your arms.”

Among the five Taliban detainees traded to obtain Sgt. Bergdahl’s release were: Abdul Haq Wasiq, who served as deputy minister of intelligence for the Taliban; Mullah Mohammad Fazi, deputy defense minister for the Taliban; Mullah Norullah Noori, a senior military commander; Mullah Khairullah Khairkhwa, a former provincial governor who reportedly met with Iran to plot attacks against American forces; and Mohammad Nabi Omari, who has held multiple leadership roles in various terrorist groups.

Here’s what’s most intersting about these charges.

The charge misbehavior before the enemy is a charge that hasn’t been used much lately…it’s that serious.

In fact Walter Huffman who’s a retired major general and also served as one of the Amry’s top lawyers said he’s never even seen the charge leveled against someone before!

“It’s not something you find in common everyday practice in the military,” he said.

The Military Times said “Misbehavior before the enemy was used hundreds of times during World War II, but scholars say its use appears to have dwindled in conflicts since then. Misbehavior before the enemy cases were tried at least 494 times for soldiers in Europe between 1942 and 1945…By contrast, statistics show the U.S. Army prosecuted about 1,900 desertion cases between 2001 and the end of 2014.”

The AP notes the seriousness of this charge, and why exactly the Army decided to use it.

They write:

“For Bergdahl, the Article 99 [misbehavior before the enemy] offense allows the prosecutors to seek a stiffer penalty than the desertion charge, which in this case carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison.”

Most of the soliders who served with Bergdahl said they support the charges.

Cody Full, 26, a former platoon mate of Bergdahl’s said, ” You give an oath…You sign your name to serve your country. no matter what you’re supposed to fill that oath.”

The bigger question is does the rest of American support Obama’s decision to trade the Taliban Five for someone who demonstrated such a lack of personal dedication to the ideals espoused by the American military?

For that matter, do you?