Leave it to Sarah Palin to call it like it is.

Regardless of how you feel about the former governor, she definitely was able to cast light on the low-life shenanigans displayed by the president as he cruised the country raising money for the Dems while America falls apart at the seams.

Obama headed out to the Mile High City for a $32,000-a-plate dinner while he hob-knobbed with fat cats and played pool while drinking beer with Gov. John Hickenlooper.

Surprisingly, the President decided to pass on smoking marijuana when offered a joint by one Colorado native.

While the use of the substance is now 100% legal in Colorado, it seemed the only green Obama was chasing was the green that lined the deep pockets of connected democrats in the state.

As Sarah Palin wrote:

But, seriously, our commander-in-chief is busy, as Rome burns. For instance, after satisfying those munchies in Colorado, he carved out room for some super duper important games of pool in a bar with that state’s enabling governor. Ironically, Hickensooperdooper is his name. I think. Anyway, Obama won. He told us so. (Funny, he always wins. Golf, basketball, brackets and bets, his grand pronouncements afterward is always, miraculously, humph, he won again!)

Whew. Racking balls, getting buzzed on suds, maybe humming “Rocky Mountain High” while kicking it in those Rockies, hard choices had to be made – stripes or solids? And that beer – do I drink it if the mountains aren’t blue? Talk about miscues.

President Obama was in Texas next. No time to visit the porous U.S. border, but lots of time for more fancy talkin’, photo-opin’ and fundraisin’. No plugging holes this time down South.

The president has been woefully absent in attending to the many crises that have beset the nation these past few months.

Normally, when bad things happen (like the VA scandal or birth certificate fiasco), he’s got his “get out of jail free” card handy in the form of a U.S. hostage release, the capture of Osama bin Laden, or some other political stunt to redirect the media’s attention.

Perhaps this time Obama’s so lost as to what he’s supposed to do he just decided to get drunk.

Unfortunately, for millions of hard-working Americans, problems like the ones they face won’t go away after a few drinks. Obama’s sure to find his don’t either… can you see his approval rating sinking any lower?

We sure can.