Back in 2013, Obama was still President.

Not only was he President, but he was a President who admitted he was going to be tough on immigration.

Just like Trump has said during his presidency.

Unlike Trump, Obama had the border patrol launch teargas at migrants who were trying to illegally enter the U.S. without any blowback from the press.

Trump, on the other hand, is being roundly criticized for having the border patrol defend a border checkpoint when they launched an all-out assault to try and enter the country.

Obama is seen as the hero.

Trump is somehow the villain.

Obama: Hero Or Villain?

In 2013 the U.S. Mexican border was being invaded much like it is today. While there were significantly fewer migrants attempting to gain entry, they were still trying to circumvent the legal entry process.

Obama had given the Border Patrol explicit orders that if anyone attempted to gain entry into the country without moving through the proper legal channels, they should be stopped with tear gas.

Nearly 5 years to the day the border patrol used pepper spray to keep a group of nearly 100 migrants from rushing and overcoming the guards on duty at the San Ysidro port of entry.

According to a newspaper article from the San Diego Union-Tribune, the agents fired “pepper balls” and used other “intermediate use-of-force devices” to repel the crowd. Just like in this most recent instance, the agents in this assault had to resist migrants who were hurling rocks and bottles at U.S. authorities.

What’s different this time is the Democrats said nothing about this use of force to keep the migrants out.

And yet, the media’s incessant coverage of this migrant caravan and utter hatred for Trump has twisted this whole thing into making it seem like Trump has no value for human life… or the lives of children.

While giving Obama a hall pass on doing the same thing.

Democrats Obvious Hypocrisy On the Matter

While the Dems screamed bloody murder over all this, they ignore the fact that many of the “saviors of the migrants” were policymakers under Obama who approved of this kind of national defense.

New York Democratic Rep. Carolyn Maloney tweeted at Trump, “Migrants at our border are looking for help. Yet, instead of greeting them w understanding, you deploy tear gas. Shameful & disgusting.”

And New York Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand said  the use of tear gas was “horrendous.”

“We must hold those responsible accountable,” Gillibrand said in a tweet. “Children who approach our country looking for asylum should be welcomed with open arms, not with tear gas.”

And Ben Rhodes, who once was an advisor to Obama tweeted: “It’s wrong to gas women and children and the elderly. That shouldn’t be a partisan view nor should that be uncomfortable to ‘the men and women in duty.’”

But as Fox News wrote, Rhodes faced backlash online for his tweet.

“Ben Rhodes was part of an administration that did the very same exact thing,” conservative commentator Stephen Miller said.

Fortunately for Trump, not only were these migrants prevented from entering, Mexico has vowed to deport any of the migrants who tried to invade the U.S. from Mexico.