North Korea’s Kim Jong Un has pushed the envelope with his country’s nuclear weapons program.

He was still acting like Trump was the typical American President who talked a big game, but wouldn’t act to end their threat.

But that’s all changed – and North Korea never saw it coming.

Trump had calls with the leaders of Japan and China to set a united front with the other powers in the region.

Politico reports on the calls:

“President Donald Trump on Sunday spoke with leaders of China and Japan to discuss concerns about the dangers posed by North Korea.

Late Sunday, the White House released readouts of Trump’s phone calls with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Chinese President Xi Jinping. The difference in the phrasing of the two readouts suggested the difference in the bilateral relationships between the countries, with the Japanese statement clearly built on a closer connection.

From the Japan statement: “The two leaders exchanged views on the growing threat from North Korea, including their unity with respect to increasing pressure on the regime to change its dangerous path. They reaffirmed that the United States-Japan Alliance stands ready to defend and respond to any threat or action taken by North Korea.”

From the China statement: “President Trump raised the growing threat posed by North Korea’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs. Both leaders reaffirmed their commitment to a denuclearized Korean Peninsula.”

Trump’s skilled diplomacy has been one of the big successes of his Presidency.

China was always seen as the biggest hurdle to resolving the North Korean nuclear crisis.

They are Pyongyang’s biggest benefactor and their economic support props up the communist regime.

After Trump’s harsh campaign rhetoric against China, pundits were wondering if he could pull off working with Beijing to end North Korea’s nuclear program.

But Trump once again confounded the so-called “experts” when he was able to work with China on de-escalating the conflict.

He has announced that the Obama policy of strategic patience is over.

And he’s backing up his talk with action.

North Korea’s neighbors are all committed to eliminating their nuclear threat.

It’s because of Trump and his ability to work with other world leaders that has brought about this opportunity to peacefully resolve this crisis.

And that was something North Korea wasn’t counting on.


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