North Korea and the United States continue their standoff against one another, and tensions continue to rise.

Recently, Australia pledged to fight alongside the U.S. if it came to that point.

As a result, North Korea just issued a strange warning to the country — and further escalating tensions between the East and West.

North Korea relayed to Australia their decision to aid the U.S. in military efforts against the communist country would be a “suicide act”.

Australia’s decision to aid the U.S. came as a result of North Korea’s threats to target Guam.

Breitbart News reported:

The official North Korea news agency KCNA noted that the Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, had vowed his country’s military would fight alongside the U.S. if the latter was attacked by North Korea.

As Breitbart News reported, Mr. Turnbull made his call earlier this month after North Korea threatened a nuclear attack against the strategic American territory of Guam in the Pacific. He told an Australian radio network, “America stands by its allies, including Australia of course, and we stand by the United States.

“So be very, very clear on that. If there’s an attack on the US, the ANZUS Treaty would be invoked and Australia would come to the aid of the United States, as America would come to our aid if we were attacked.”

The ANZUS Treaty binds the United States, Australia, and New Zealand as a military superpower created to stand against threats in the Pacific Ocean.

It states that an armed attack on any of the three countries would be viewed as an attack on all and that each should act to intercept the common threat.

Consequently, military action against the United States would result in military action by Australia as well.

But North Korean officials issued a warning to Australia stating the “danger” of coming to the aid of the Americans.

Breitbart continued:

Citing an unnamed official from the North Korean foreign ministry, KCNA said Mr. Turnbull’s show of unqualified support for Washington, coupled with Australia’s participation in upcoming military drills in South Korea, had left the country open to unspecified “counter-measures of justice” by North Korea.

“This is a suicidal act of inviting disaster, as it is an illustration of political immaturity, unaware of the seriousness of the current situation,” KCNA said. “Australia followed the US to the Korean War, the Vietnamese War and the ‘war on terrorism’, but heavy loss of lives and assets were all that it got in return.”

Mr. Turnbull responded by urging the international community to “bring North Korea to its senses.”

“North Korea has shown it has no regard for the welfare of its own population, no regard for the security and good relations with its neighbours and no regard for international law,” he said in a statement to the ABC.

“We call on all countries to redouble their efforts, including through implementation of agreed UN Security Council resolutions, to bring North Korea to its senses and end its reckless and dangerous threats to the peace of our region and the world.”

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