Nancy Pelosi is hoping this is her moment to finally remove President Trump from office.

She is desperately working to get rid of him before the 2020 election.

But everything is in doubt after CNN called her out on one insane thing she did.

Nancy Pelosi finally sent her two impeachment articles from the House to the Senate.

She did so in a ceremony where Democrats tried their best, but failed, at showing their excitement.

Scenes of giddy Democrats were seen roaming the halls of Congress, only containing their excitement when they noticed media cameras.

Among the excitement was Nancy Pelosi, who showed exactly how she felt about the moment by handing out commemorative gold pens to her allies to use when signing the declaration to send the articles to the Senate.

These pens created outrage, as the event was not something that many felt should be commemorated.

The use of commemorative pens is not unheard of, but is reserved for celebratory occasions, when they are passing legislation to be proud of.

Impeaching a President isn’t one of those occasions, and shockingly, CNN even agrees.

In a discussion between CNN’s Dana Bash, Wolf Blitzer, and Nia-Malika Henderson, they discussed the pens.

“We are used to seeing signing ceremonies,” Bash began, “At moments of celebration, when a president is signing legislation, when even sometimes, on a rare occasion, but it has happened when the House sends over a landmark piece of legislation. It was unusual to see that kind of ceremony and handing out the pens and smiling for a picture in this kind of situation where the House Speaker has bent over backwards to say publicly and privately that this is somber and no time for celebration.”

Henderson took it a step further, adding that the moment was “jarring and certainly off message” considering past statements from Pelosi.

This moment truly ripped the mask off of Pelosi, exposing her true intentions.

At the end of the day, impeachment is about nothing more than removing a President that they don’t like.

It is no longer even about the substance of the articles of impeachment, as there is no real substance.

All the discussions around impeachment are about Trump, who they describe as “dangerous” and “unhinged.”

And it is now clear that this is the farthest that impeachment will go for Democrats.

Senate Republicans have made clear that they will quickly finish this investigation, and allow Trump to continue doing his job without having impeachment distract him.

Now the fight to remove Trump will move towards the election, where the fight should have been all along.

And Democrats are not doing well.

The election to decide who will challenge him has become a complete circus.

There is no candidate who truly stands out, and there is no unity in the party.

In contrast, Trump holds record levels of approval in the Republican Party, which will be huge for him in the 2020 election.

Do you think President Trump will win re-election in 2020?

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