The NFL is in huge trouble.

Anti-American players protesting the national anthem are driving down ratings and alienating fans.

Now the league made an awful announcement about what will happen to the national anthem.

After much speculation about possible rule changes that would require players to stand for the anthem, the league folded and stated players will not be punished for disrespecting the flag and staging anti-military, America-hating protests during the Star Spangled Banner.

The New York Times reports:

“The N.F.L. for now will continue to let players kneel or sit during the national anthem without a penalty, capitulating to demands by the athletes for free expression but potentially further alienating fans who object to the protests and feel they are disrespectful to the flag and the military.

But, after a meeting Tuesday with union representatives and players, the league did promise to help support some of the causes targeted by the protesting players, including reform of the criminal justice system.

The owners’ decision to not toughen the league’s stance on anthem demonstrations showed yet again the contortions they have been going through to display support for their players while wrestling with the political fallout of the sideline protests that have persisted since last season.

The players, largely on social media, had made clear they would not abide penalties for sitting or kneeling during the pregame anthem, while legal experts wondered if any punitive change would hold up in court. The gestures began last season, spurred by Colin Kaepernick, then the quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers, to draw attention to racial oppression and police brutality against black Americans.

The Miami Dolphins’ owner, Stephen Ross, speaking in New York at a business meeting of the 32 owners, said that the league had made no changes to its policy and that players would be free to protest again this weekend.”

The league and the players union put out a statement after the meeting declaring that the league will continue to work together to find ways to address the left-wing political causes the players support and that they are still searching for “common ground.”

Trump reacted to the news that the NFL will allow their players to trash the American flag and the lives of those who fought to defend it in a tweet.

Will the NFL refusing to respect our flag and allowing their players to trample on the sacrifice of veterans who fought for it cause you to boycott the NFL?

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