Liberal media is under fire for posting fake news stories, and not even the New York Times is safe from ridicule.

The once reputable newspaper organization has taken a turn for the worst in recent months, following the new liberal trend of promoting fake news.

But now even the newspaper itself is owning up to mistakes made in one “bombshell” report- and the effects are tearing the company apart.

Nine months ago, the New York Times published a story claiming 17 intelligence agencies agreed on Russian interference occurring in the 2016 presidential election.

What once started as a talking point by Hillary Clinton quickly turned into a major scandal promoted by liberal agencies such as the NYT and the Associated Press.

But while both agencies have since made corrections to their stories, they further dug their own grave by trying to promote other false facts in the Russian case.

Now, the New York Times is claiming the facts of the Russia story were “simple”, and is having a hard time coming up with any evidence to back their claims, despite the nine months they have had to do so since the story was first published.

The Daily Caller reported:

The New York Times and Associated Press both acknowledgedthe Clinton talking point is false this week, and conceded that in fact only three agencies working under the aegis of the Director of National Intelligence weighed in on the election meddling.

“The reason the views of only those four intelligence agencies, not all 17, were included in the assessment is simple: They were the ones tracking and analyzing the Russian campaign,” The New York Times reports. “The rest were doing other work.”

Indeed, those facts have been clearly apparent since the DNI released the unclassified report in October 2016. Any reporter capable of using Google could figure out the Coast Guard intel agency probably didn’t assess the Russian influence campaign.

Yet The New York Times rated the claim as totally truewhen Clinton debuted the talking point in the final presidential debate, used the claiming its own stories, and did not correct the record until late June 2017, months after it was publicly and thoroughly debunked.

The New York Times promoted a Clinton talking point as favored news, and tried to explain their lies away as needing a “simple correction”.

The media site relied on that Clinton talking point in the hopes it would cause a scandal from breaking.

Ironically enough, it did- but with the New York Times at the receiving end of the negative publicity.

Still, the newspaper concedes the truth but attempts to dismiss it as a simple mistake rather than the outrageous lie they promoted for nine months- and later even attempted to avert the blame on President Trump himself.

The Daily Caller continued:

“President Trump said on Thursday that only ‘three or four’ of the United States’ 17 intelligence agencies had concluded that Russia interfered in the presidential election — a statement that while technically accurate, is misleading and suggests widespread dissent among American intelligence agencies when none has emerged,” the report begins.

The New York Times is facing major backlash for their crimes against the integrity of journalism.

But while they continue to avert blame on other sources, the newspaper is only further digging their own grave.

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