The left was jumping for joy.

Pre-Thanksgiving polls showed Roy Moore trailing his Democrat opponent after an unprecedented smear campaign.

But two new polls just confirmed the worst fears about Roy Moore’s chances of victory.

Mitch McConnell, his swamp allies, and the media were terrified Roy Moore would win the Alabama senate race.

As a Christian conservative, Moore pledged to help Donald Trump drain the swamp.

So they unleashed their attack dogs in a desperate attempt to chew up his candidacy with character assassination.

But their worst fears are now being realized.

Two new polls show Judge Roy Moore with a strong lead over Democrat candidate Doug Jones.

One poll, by Change Research, found Moore with a 5-point lead, which was an 8-point swing from their last survey which had shown Jones with a 3-point lead.

The Blaze reports:

“A new Change Research poll that showed GOP candidate Roy Moore losing ground in the election for Alabama’s U.S. Senate seat now shows him with a widening lead.

The same poll showed Roy Moore up by 4 percentage points earlier in the month, then dropping behind the Democratic candidate by 3 percentage points, but regaining the lead with a 5 percentage point spread.

The poll indicates that allegations of sexual harassment against Moore damaged him greatly, before he rebounded back into the lead.”

And JMC Analytics just released a new poll that also found Moore with a 5-point lead.

This is a whopping 9-point swing from a poll done in the wake of the initial allegations that showed Jones with a 4-point lead over Moore.

Both polls found that the allegations against Moore did not impact the race.

Additionally, Change Research’s results showed that just 9% of Trump supporters believed the questionable allegations against Moore.

The Blaze also reports:

“The analysis from Change Research seems to indicate that the change in voter opinion towards Moore has to do with lessening belief in the allegations of sexual harassment against him.

Compared to ten days ago, fewer Republicans believe the allegations against Moore. While all voters believed the allegations by a 46–30 margin ten days ago, they now believe them by only 42–38. Among Trump voters, the split was 16–51 (believe-don’t believe) in the middle of the month, and it’s 9–63 now. However, Hillary Clinton voters’ belief of the allegations has remained constant: 91% believe them and 1% disbelieve them.

They also point to what appears to be a jump in turnout – more Republican voters say they will vote, with those planning to stay home decreasing in number.”

Despite the media’s attempts to meddle in the race and rig the election for the Democrat, voters in Alabama are seeing through their bombardment of fake news.

And Roy Moore is looking poised for victory.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this race.


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