You likely know who Dave Ramsey is.

The popular daytime talk show host speaks to millions of Americans on the ethics of sound money management.

After going bankrupt and then reorganizing his life, Dave Ramsey wrote a book called The Total Money Makeover teaching Christians how to save and spend wisely.

His success in teaching people sound money management spurred a series of classes, nationwide tours, and of course his now beloved talk show.

You would think someone like who Dave Ramsey who’s out there giving way both paid and free advice on how to handle finances responsibly (he does advise paying taxes) would be safe from Obama.

Turns out that’s not the case at all.

A new regulation proposed by the President could do some serious damage to Dave Ramsey’s attempts to help educate Americans on finances.

And in turn it could keep him quiet forever.

Courtesy of the Department of Labor, talk show hosts like Dave Ramsey, Suze Orman and others might be regulated when they dish out financial advice. This regulation would require those like Ramsey to reveal more about their compensation from third parties.

The Blaze writes:

The new Department of Labor rule is promoted as requiring more disclosures on third-party compensation for financial advisers, but the rule explicitly covers those who give investment advice and receive compensation “from any source.”

“In fact, according to some observers, the rule may even extend to television and radio hosts who give advice to individual callers,” said the report from the Competitive Enterprise Institute, a free-market think tank in Washington, D.C.

This is likely a violation of the first amendment, but of course there’s no reason to suspect Obama would care one iota if a regulation of his overstepped constituinal restraints.

If the regulation were set into law it could be years before the regulation could be overturned.

“I believe it would be a violation of the First Amendment and I think the Founding Fathers would think it would be a violation, but it could take years to decide this in court,” the study’s author John Burlau, a CEI senior fellow, told TheBlaze. He added, “I hope this wakes up members of Congress in both parties.”

This would severely hamper the ability of financial experts from doing their job. And it would almost seem that Obama is trying to regulate the entire industry out of business.

It’s believed the overreach of this kind of regulation would even extend to published works of the authors as well, meaning the impact these morally upright fixtures would no longer be able to do the jobs they’ve been gifted with.

What’s your opinion on Obama working to pass this kind of legislation?