Mike LeeImpeachment was just thrown one giant curveball.

All the pundits and experts in Washington thought they had it all figured out.

But this Never Trump Republican made one jaw-dropping secret deal on impeachment.

Utah Senator Mike Lee is one of the most conservative members of the Republican caucus.

But in 2016 he was no fan of Donald Trump.

In fact, Lee opposed Donald Trump’s candidacy so strongly that he loudly and publicly protested on the floor of the convention the idea of a Trump nomination.

Lee – who strongly supported Ted Cruz – fought to free up delegates that were bound to the winners of states so Never Trump forces could deny Trump the GOP nomination.

But after Trump won the Presidency, Lee came to realize the error of his ways.

Lee strongly supported the President’s judicial nominations, deregulatory efforts and worked closely with the White House on a criminal justice reform bill.

Trump rewarded Lee by naming him one of the chairmen of the President’s 2020 re-election campaign.

Lee’s knowledge of the Constitution was second to none so the administration was pleased to find out that Lee found the impeachment charges against the President ridiculous and was willing to work in secret behind the scenes to try and maintain a united Republican Senate caucus in opposition to impeachment.

“He has every reason to be confident about this, every reason to be unapologetic and defiantly confident about his case. Because he has a really good case,” Lee told POLITICO in an interview. “I have suggested all along: If [House Democrats] are going to do this, steer right into the wind.”

“What he did was not impeachable. It was not criminal,” Lee added. “And I don’t think what he did was even wrong.”

Lee also explained to POLITICO that helped nudge the President and his allies toward the direction of having a quick trial where both sides make their case as opposed to moving to immediately dismiss the articles of impeachment.

Trump bought Lee’s reasoning that a trial would do more to exonerate the President.

“The president’s supporters were privately and publicly saying ‘hey we should just dismiss, the Senate should just dismiss the whole thing,’” Lee recounted to POLITICO. “I don’t think that’s a good idea. I think it’s poor form. I think we need to hear arguments and review evidence.”

President Trump not fighting Republicans on a trial – in Lee’s mind – could help keep wayward RINOs like fellow Utah Senator Mitt Romney on board.

Romney makes it clear that Lee is a constitutional expert without equal in the Senate and that Romney pays attention to what Lee has to say.

“We don’t always agree, but we usually do. I think he’s a conservative’s conservative. And I respect that,” Romney told POLITICO of his conversations with Lee. “His point of view on matters of process and the Constitution is often not just well educated but thoughtful and wise.”

If Donald Trump receives exoneration in the Senate, Mike Lee’s behind the scenes work could be a big reason why.

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