The Clinton’s are up to their eyeballs in scandal.

Now it involves one of their top allies being a sexual predator.

And this network got caught red-handed trying to cover it up.

Top Clinton ally Harvey Weinstein stands accused of being a serial sexual harasser and rapist.

The film mogul was a top Democrat donor and even threw Hillary Clinton a birthday party in 2000.

Explosive reports in the New York Times and the New Yorker rocked Democratic politics as the Clintons and the Obamas had to answer for why they spent so many years in the presence of an alleged sexual predator.

But a new report shows how the media – and specifically NBC – tried to bury the story and cover up for the Clintons and their friend’s predatory behavior.

Former MSNB anchor Ronan Farrow first brought the story to NBC.

He claimed to have audio recordings of women saying that Weinstein had groped them, as well as one accuser who was willing to appear on camera if her identity was concealed to claim the Hollywood mogul raped her.

Instead of accepting the scoop of the year, NBC passed it up.

Farrow claimed executives told him he needed to do more reporting and what he had on Weinstein wasn’t reportable.

The Huffington Post reports:

But at that moment Farrow was also caught in the pincers of an NBC News edict. He had been told by executives at NBC News that he didn’t have enough reporting to go on air with his Weinstein story, according to four sources, and he had been told by the network to stop reporting on it. NBC tried to put a stop to the interview with the woman accusing Weinstein of rape. The network insisted he not use an NBC News crew for the interview, and neither was he to mention his NBC News affiliation. And so that was how Ronan Farrow wound up paying out of his own pocket for a camera crew to film an interview. 

As a project for NBC News, Farrow’s story was effectively dead. Later that month, he received permission to take his reporting to another news organization. The story that resulted, published Tuesday by The New Yorker, was a blockbuster: multiple women accusing Weinstein of rape and other sexual misconduct, accompanied by the audio of Weinstein admitting to sexual assault…

….At this point, Farrow and McHugh were ready to move forward with the story but were told by NBC executives that the story had to go up to NBC News Chairman Andy Lack for approval and that the story would be under review by Steve Burke, executive vice president of Comcast and president and CEO of NBCUniversal — a highly unusual level of scrutiny, according to three NBC News staffers, who had never heard of Burke’s office needing to review a story.”

NBC’s claims that Farrow didn’t have enough reportable material obviously fall flat.

Because the New Yorker did run the story, and within days Weinstein was fired from his company and allegedly has fled the country to enter rehabilitation in Europe.

Critics believe the liberal leaning NBC spiked the story to protect one of the Clintons’ biggest supporters.

Do you think Weinstein’s status as longtime backer of the Clintons and of Democratic causes was the reason NBC tried to sweep the accusations against him under the rug?

Let us know in the comment section.