Donald Trump is navigating the nuclear crisis with North Korea.

Every day, Kim Jong-un pushes the world closer to war.

But Nancy Pelosi committed an act that has Americans questioning her loyalty.

It was recently revealed that North Korea possessed the capability to produce miniaturized nuclear warheads.

That leaves them one final step away from developing a weapon that can hit the United States.

All they have to do is figure out how to attach those warheads to intercontinental ballistic missiles and any city in the U.S. is within range of their weapons.

The rogue nation could then hold the world hostage under the threat of nuclear annihilation.

Trump forcefully responded to the developments by stating that if North Korea pushed their threats any further, they faced “fire and fury” on an unprecedented scale.

Trump was speaking for America as the Commander-in-Chief.

In times of international crisis, politicians stand united behind the President against foreign adversaries.

Not Nancy Pelosi.

She spit on the notion that politics stops at the water’s edge and blasted Trump on Twitter.

This was an outrageous attack on the President at a time when America needs to see politicians speaking with one voice.

Pelosi wasn’t the only disloyal member of Congress.

John McCain — who sings songs about bombing countries — also used the opportunity to undermine Trump’s leadership.

Their comments were a shameful reminder that politics has overtaken every aspect of American life.

Members of Congress won’t even support the President in his effort to stave off nuclear war and the deaths of millions.

The likes of Pelosi and McCain hate the President so much, they would rather see America’s position weakened than help Trump succeed.