Nancy Pelosi could not help herself.

The San Francisco Democrat basked in the glow of winning back the House of Representatives.

But she just made the one mistake that turned every Democrat’s dream into a nightmare.

Nancy Pelosi Promises Gun Control

Democrats won a number of Republican-held seats by running candidates who claimed to be pro-gun.

Now it is clear they lied.

Just days after the election, Nancy Pelosi appeared on Chris Cuomo’s CNN show and promised to pass massive new gun control.

Pelosi was reacting to the horrible news coming from California where a deranged madman murdered 12 innocents at a country music bar.

“First, let me join you in expressing sorrow over this mass shooting and the loss of the sheriff and every other life that was lost there. I do believe — because in the — in this Congress, the one that we’re in right this minute, there is bipartisan legislation to have commonsense background checks to prevent guns going into the wrong hands. Now, it doesn’t cover everything, but it is — it will save many lives,” Pelosi claimed.

The Democrat leader declared, “[T]his will be a priority for us in the next Congress.”

Democrats and the media love mass shootings.

It gives them the chance to go on the offense to push more gun control.

Pelosi did not care that the shooter had purchased his weapons legally – which means he passed a background check.

And Pelosi also looked past the fact that the killer illegally modified his weapons to make them more deadly.

Finally, he had used a legal handgun to carry out his plan.

Kris Brown – co-President of the gun-grabbing Brady Campaign – declared that Democrats turned out to vote for anti-gun candidates.

Therefore, they had a right to expect action.

“Our base is worked up, and people are reacting in a positive way at the ballot box,” said Brown, who campaigned with the three Virginia Democrats in the final week alongside a stream of volunteers. “A large number of folks showed up and knocked on doors and said they finally have a candidate who will do something about gun violence,” Brown stated.

There is no law that could have prevented this tragedy.

The background check system has proved many times it does not work.

Adding more layers is just cover for creating a national gun owner database.

Critics believe Democrats want this database so they know who owns what guns in the event they ever pass legislation to confiscate all firearms.

How Pelosi’s Lie Damages Democrats

Democrats do not hold a large House majority.

Republicans could flip as few as a dozen seats in 2020 and win back the House.

And by expert’s forecasts, they stand a strong chance to win back Congress in 2020.

That’s because it will be a Presidential election year.

And Trump at the top of the ballot will provide a strong motivation for the GOP base to turnout.

If Democrats vote on gun control legislation, it will doom many members who currently hold GOP leaning seats.

In 2014, Republicans won nine Senate seats after Obama tried to exploit the tragedy at Sandy Hook to create a national gun registration database scheme.

Democrats risk the same fate in 2020 if they follow Pelosi’s advice and pass gun control.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.