Nancy Pelosi did not take losing well.

She flew off the handle after Republicans confirmed Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

And she said three words about Brett Kavanaugh that will leave you up in arms.

Pelosi Lashes Out After Kavanaugh Confirmation

Republicans confirmed Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court on a 50-48 vote.

Conservatives believe they cemented a majority on the Supreme Court that could last a generation.

Democrats were furious.

Nancy Pelosi ranted and raved about the Republicans victory.

She sent out a fundraising email saying the vote to confirm Judge Kavanaugh “makes me sick.”

Pelosi pleaded with Democrats to donate money so Donald Trump could be “stripped” of his power.

Pelosi wrote:

Republicans’ shameful choice to confirm Brett Kavanaugh makes me sick.

Mark my words: I will NOT let Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump claim this victory.

I need 10,000 of you with me before midnight to send McConnell and Trump a terrifying message they can’t ignore:

Brett Kavanaugh WILL go down in history as the worst vote Republicans ever took—and the vote that cost them control of Congress…

…We have to show Republicans that we will never forget and never forgive.

Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump MUST be stripped of their power.

Pelosi Makes A Surprise Announcement

Pelosi also released a statement announcing she would file a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for documents regarding the one week FBI investigation into Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations.

Pelosi echoed the other Democrats who whined that the FBI didn’t conduct an open-ended fishing expedition.

She wrote:

In purposefully limiting the FBI investigation, it is clear Republicans were not seeking the truth. They were seeking cover to do what they wanted to do anyway. To add insult to injury, they blocked the public’s access to the report. Their goal was to install a nominee to the highest court in the land who will put the President above the law with no regard for the Constitution.

Therefore, I am announcing that I will file a Freedom of Information Act request so that the public can see the FBI report, transcripts of the underlying interviews, instructions sent to the FBI from the White House, and any communications to the FBI from Senate Republicans regarding the scope of the investigation.

But the real truth is the Democrats wouldn’t have accepted any investigation that cleared Kavanaugh—because they were never interested in the truth.

When it became clear that Ford and the other women accusing Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct lacked credibility, Democrats simply moved onto other arguments.

They claimed the FBI needed to investigate Kavanaugh’s teenage drinking because they believed he lied under oath.

Democrats also pushed the idea that Kavanaugh was “angry” during his Senate testimony,

They protested that his performance meant he did not have the temperament to serve as a Supreme Court Justice.

It was all lies and smears.

But they won’t give up.

Pelosi’s announcement shows that the Democrats will push to embarrass and discredit Kavanaugh every step of the way.

They may even try to impeach him.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.