Nancy Pelosi has ruled her Democrat caucus in the House with an iron first.

And she was scheming to seize power as Speaker of the House after the 2018 midterms.

But she never imagined this scandal would ruin her career.

Pelosi is in hot water because of her response to the sexual harassment allegations against John Conyers.

Conyers, who first won election to the House in 1964, has been accused by multiple former staffers of sexual harassment.

But the story exploded when Pelosi was asked to respond to documents obtained by journalist Mike Cernovich that showed Conyers had used taxpayer money to pay off his accusers.

Pelosi went on Meet the Press and questioned Conyer’s accusers and referred to him as an “icon.”

Liberals were furious because they were trying to use false allegations of sexual misconduct to sink Roy Moore in the Alabama Senate race and then Pelosi goes and makes the issue of sexual harassment look partisan.

But that wasn’t the worst of her problems.

New York Democrat Kathleen Rice ripped Pelosi’s response and declared that it “set women back decades.”

Politico reports:

“Speaking to reporters at the Capitol, Rep. Kathleen Rice of New York said Pelosi’s appearance on “Meet the Press” on Sunday — when she raised questions about the accounts of Conyers’ accusers and described the Michigan Democrat as an “icon” — ceded the party’s moral high ground on sexual harassment issues, especially because one of Conyers’ accusers is bound by a nondisclosure agreement.

“I think that her comments on Sunday set women back and — quite frankly, our party back — decades,” said Rice, who is advocating for legislation that would expose a slew of hidden, taxpayer-funded settlements for sexual harassment by lawmakers and aides.

Rice said Pelosi’s comments were particularly egregious in light of President Donald Trump’s tacit embrace of Roy Moore, the Alabama GOP Senate candidate accused of molesting a minor.

“I think that we ceded the moral high ground on Sunday when our leader said on ‘Meet the Press’ that John Conyers was an icon and we don’t even know who these women are, when she was fully aware that the woman in question was bound by a nondisclosure agreement,” Rice said. “I think we had an opportunity to stake that moral high ground when you have a president who is supporting a man for Senate who — all credible allegations that have not been refuted — showed him to be a predator of teenage girls.”

If the Democrats underperform in the 2018 midterms, younger Democrats who are fed up with Pelosi’s continually failed leadership could make a play to replace her as Minority Leader.

They would claim Pelosi was an anchor on their Party who dragged them to the bottom in a year when a wave could’ve swept them into the majority.

Do you believe Pelosi’s days as a Democrat leader are numbered?

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