It’s not surprising that Nancy Pelosi champions the NFL anthem protests.

She hails from San Francisco – the hotbed of radical leftism.

But what happened when she voiced her support had everyone talking.

When Pelosi offered her words of support for the protests on NBC’s Meet the Press she stammered through her point.

The American Mirror reports:

“Nancy Pelosi defended unemployed NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s “First Amendment” right to disrespect the American flag during the national anthem, even if she struggled to say his name.

During an appearance on “Meet The Press,” Pelosi sided with the former 49ers quarterback, and other players refusing to stand for our country

The House Minority Leader chided President Trump for his comments, saying she believes he’s violating his promise to “bring people together.”

She didn’t criticize the players, who are offending so many Americans.

“Colin Kaep— Kaep— Kaepernick, uh, doing what he did, says this flag enables me to do this. This national anthem enables me to do this,” she said, initially struggling to speak.

“This is about freedom of expression,” Pelosi said.

She added Trump’s response is “unfortunate” and believes he was “ill advised” to criticize the anti-American players.”

Pelosi’s answer highlighted the unbelievable double standard of the protesters and those in the media who champion their cause.

Trump defended the American flag and national anthem when he said he hoped the NFL team owners would fire any player who protested the anthem.

For standing up for symbols of America that millions of Americans cherish, he was smeared as divisive by the NFL, its players, and the lapdog left-wing media.

But the original source of the divide – players who protested the national anthem – were labeled as unifiers.

Trump supporters seethed at this hypocrisy.

The players were the ones lying about America being racist.

It was the player protests that were based on fake news like “hands up, don’t shoot!” or the idea that police are brutalizing black men for sport.

They are the ones using football – which unites Americans of all races, genders and political persuasions for three hours every Sunday – to preach a message of left-wing social justice.

But this whole debate has been one-sided from the start.

The players and their advocates in the media claim they have the right to freedom of speech.

And while they have a right to speak their mind, so does President Trump.

The First Amendment doesn’t just protect speech for anti-American protesters but also for Republican presidents who criticize them.

Do you agree?

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