Even hardened Washington politicians are shocked at the underhanded move Nancy Pelosi did.

She’ll pay for the harm that she’s caused the American people.

Nancy Pelosi pulled the plug on her career with a coronavirus announcement.

If Nancy Pelosi was trying to destroy her career with one move, she couldn’t do a better job.

She’s so used to the mainstream media covering for her petty politics that she thought she could get away with anything.

But this time she went too far when she blocked a vital coronavirus relief bill that would give American families and small businesses the help that they are desperately needing at this moment.

The mainstream media is doing their best to keep the public in the dark about what happened.

The New York Times started with the factual headline of “Democrats block action on $1.8 trillion stimulus bill” but then changed it to “partisan divide threatens deal on rescue bill.”

They have to hide the fact that despite reaching a deal with Republicans, Nancy Pelosi led Democrats in ditching a bill that was aimed at helping Americans and instead pushed a bill that would benefit Democrat cronies.

According to The Daily Wire:

Democrats blocked a massive $1.8 trillion stimulus spending bill to protect the U.S. economy and provide relief to American families who are suffering as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

“The fate of a sweeping government rescue package to prop up an economy devastated by the coronavirus pandemic was in limbo on Sunday after Democrats blocked action in the Senate,” The New York Times reported. “The 47-47 vote was a stunning setback for a package that was emerging as the largest economic stimulus measure in modern American history – now expected to cost $1.8 trillion or more.”

The Times noted that the Democrats’ decision to block the bill sent U.S. stock futures tumbling to the maximum limit on Sunday evening. The Times further added that Republicans and Democrats had agreed that the plan was “crucial” to stopping economic fallout from the outbreak of the coronavirus as the bill would have sent $1,200 in direct payments to millions of Americans and would have provided lots of additional benefits.

It’s worse than that.

The reason that Nancy Pelosi stopped money from going directly to Americans in need is because she wants to put environmental regulations on airlines, make voting laws even more lenient, give money to unions and bail out the U.S. Postal Service.

None of these have anything to do with the current crisis that’s been caused by the Chinese coronavirus, they’re Democrats’ wish list items.

The Democrats’ economic stimulus under Obama was a similar list of Democrats’ pet programs and union support, instead of getting money into the hands of small businesses and average Americans.

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Many Americans have lost part or all of their income because of the coronavirus.

Nancy Pelosi is keeping them from getting help.

She can’t hope to recover from such an insane attack on voters.

The Democrat Party should start looking to get leadership that won’t actively destroy their own party and hurt America like Nancy Pelosi is doing.