Nancy Pelosi began 2020 smugly predicting that there was no chance Democrats could lose their House Majority.

But Pelosi and her allies got some really bad news on that front.

Nancy Pelosi lost it after she found out about what veterans planned for 2020.

Nancy Pelosi has only herself to blame if the Democrats lose control of the House.

After all, it was her radical impeachment scheme that made life so difficult for the many Democrat congressmen who are running in districts that Trump won.

Representative Jeff Van Drew even decided to switch parties and join the Republicans because Nancy Pelosi decided to press the matter of impeachment.

It’s not going to be pretty for her when elections come around. There are 31 members of Congress that come from districts that voted for Trump.

Nancy Pelosi is fond of saying that impeachment hurt Trump because “he’s impeached for life” but the polls show that impeachment hasn’t hurt his chances of getting reelected.

However, the reality is that Nancy Pelosi has done a better job putting a black mark next to the names of Democrats that are keeping her in power.

If she was trying to help Republicans win, she could hardly do a better job.

The Republicans are working hard to build off of the advantages that Nancy Pelosi is giving them.

Tom Cotton has started an exciting new effort aimed to help Republicans keep the Senate and retake the House.

The Congressman from Arkansas has extra time on his hands since the only Democrat running against him dropped out of the race, so he’s helping support other veterans who are running to unseat Democrats.

According to Breitbart News:

“In many cases the veterans I’ve endorsed or will be endorsing are first-time candidates as I was in 2012,” Cotton said in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News on Monday afternoon. “I want to provide effective coaching and mentoring to them the way some previous office-holders provided to me in 2012, and help them understand the way they can translate their record of service into the campaign setting. So, for instance, all Americans respect veterans—they respect veterans for their service, and in many cases, like in Jason Church, their many sacrifices, like both of his legs in Afghanistan. That is a great door-opener for them. There’s almost no voter in America who will not listen to that veteran on the campaign trail because of that veteran’s record of service, but then they have to translate that into what they hope to accomplish for Americans in Congress just like they did overseas. So, of course, I am focused on Republican veterans and Republican veterans who share some of my priorities, like controlling our immigration system, getting serious about crime and law and order, trying to stand up to adversaries like China, all of things which are usually not going to be in a veteran’s record of service in the military. So, what I’ve done with some of these veterans and what I’ll continue to do with them is to share some of my hard-won experiences in 2012 as a first-time candidate so they can maybe learn it the easy way. Then, there’s other things too—of course I’ll give them maximum financial support from my political action committee, I raise money for them online and from loyal conservative donors around the country who want to support veteran candidates, and in many cases over the course of the next nine months or so I intend to go campaign with them too.”

There are veterans running in many of the Democrat-held districts that Trump won in 2016 and that’s where Cotton is planning to concentrate his efforts.