Nancy PelosiWhile most Americans are preparing for the Christmas holiday, Nancy Pelosi is working to impeach President Trump.

Needless to say, Trump isn’t putting up with it.

And Pelosi lost her mind after Trump surprised her with one thing.

Despite the majority of Americans opposing their efforts, Democrats want nothing more than to impeach and remove President Trump.

He has committed no crime and hasn’t engaged in any impeachable offenses.

But Democrats are insistent and are trying to remove him from office as soon as possible, so they don’t have to face him in the 2020 election.

In response, Trump sent a scathing letter to Pelosi decrying her “highly partisan” impeachment “fantasy.”

“It is time for you and the highly partisan Democrats in Congress to immediately cease this impeachment fantasy and get back to work for the American People. While I have no expectation that you will do so, I write this letter to you for the purpose of history and to put my thoughts on a permanent and indelible record,” Trump wrote.

The letter goes on for six pages and annihilates all of their arguments.

Unsurprisingly, the mainstream media isn’t actually airing what the letter says, and are instead simply claiming it to be an unhinged rant.

CNN’s Jake Tapper even went so far as to state that it looks like something North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un would write.

And in an even less surprising development, Pelosi is trying to downplay the letter.

Speaking to media she even claims that she hasn’t read the letter, but that she understands the “essence” of it, calling it “really sick.”

“I haven’t really fully read it,” Pelosi said. “We’ve been working. I’ve seen the essence of it, though, and it’s really sick.”

One would think that a letter from the very person she wants to impeach would be more important to review fully.

But Pelosi’s efforts aren’t in good faith.

She has been wanting to impeach President Trump since the day he got into office.

The vote is only happening now because they have run out of options to deal with him.

They know that the way things are going he will have no problem winning re-election.

So they have to remove him now if they ever expect to get rid of him.

And even if they can’t get rid of him, impeaching him will at least go down in history so they can be seen as the good guys in the history books.

But their efforts will almost certainly backfire come election time.

The Democrats are acting like petulant children angry that they didn’t get their way in the 2016 election.

And polling shows that voters aren’t on their side.

Even CNN’s polling shows that a majority of voters oppose impeaching President Trump.

When the impeachment trial goes to the Senate, they have virtually no chance at succeeding.

Do you think Democrats will be able to remove President Trump?

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