Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi is just learning the price she’ll have to pay for her insane impeachment.

It’s worse than she thought possible.

Nancy Pelosi just saw a poll that made her burst into a massive fit.

The Democrats should learn that lying to the American people isn’t a good political strategy.

It’s not only immoral, it also doesn’t work.

Nancy Pelosi should have learned her lesson after the Mueller report failed to do any damage to Trump.

The Democrats and the mainstream media went on for years about the proof they had of Donald Trump’s collusion with the Russians to win the Presidency but in the end all Robert Mueller had was a dud.

The Democrats didn’t have anything more to accuse Trump with other than the fact that Trump, understandably, didn’t like the Mueller investigation very much and wished that it would stop.

The Mueller investigation helped the Democrats while the investigation was underway but once the information had to be released, voters were less than impressed.

The same thing has happened with impeachment.

While impeachment was being done in secret and Nancy Pelosi promised the public that the Democrats had real evidence that justified impeachment, the Democrats did well in the polls.

But the Democrats couldn’t keep impeachment a secret forever and Nancy Pelosi revealed that she had been bluffing when she couldn’t even come up with a clear crime to charge Trump with.

This impeachment has backfired big time on congressional Democrats.

They have dropped in the polls and the Republicans have risen.

According to the Washington Examiner:

According to a Gallup poll released Tuesday, approval for Republicans in Congress surpassed that of their Democratic colleagues, with the parties earning 40% approval and 35% approval, respectively. Republicans had trailed Democrats in this poll for several years, and it has been more than 15 years since either party has exceeded 50% approval.

Impeachment seems to have played a role in Republicans surpassing Democrats in the poll. Republicans gained 6 percentage points in their approval ratings from October to February while Democrats lost 3 percentage points, gaining 5 percentage points in their disapproval polling. Trump was impeached in the Democratic-controlled House in December and acquitted by the Republican-controlled Senate in February.

Democrats have a historically higher approval rating in the poll. Since the poll began in 1999, they hold an average 41% approval — Republicans have an average 35% approval. Part of the uptick for Republicans came from an increase in approval from members of their own party. Since October, Republican respondents’ approval of GOP lawmakers jumped 13 percentage points. Democratic respondents’ approval of congressional Democrats did not change.

This poll shows that impeachment didn’t energize the Democrat base, it energized the Republican base.

This is bad news for Democrats who need anti-Trump hatred to reach a frenzy if they want to win the presidential election in 2020.

But instead of helping them win the presidency, impeachment may have lost Democrats the House.