Nancy Pelosi is so blind to reality she can’t see how unpopular her insanity is making her.

Working-class Americans are desperately suffering.

Nancy Pelosi just doomed her career on a crazy plan that failed her before.

Back in January there were 131 million Americans in the workforce.

Since the coronavirus outbreak, 30 million Americans have lost their jobs.

The hardest hit communities have been the lower class, blue-collar and service industry workers who don’t have the luxury of working from home.

Half of households say they have lost income and 12% of Americans says they don’t know how they will feed their families if their states’ stay-at-home orders continue for another month.

Hard-working Americans who never asked for a handout are going to food banks for the first time in their lives.

Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis has proven that draconian statewide stay-at-home orders are not needed to keep the medical system from being overrun.

That is the kind of leadership America needs to solve the coronavirus crisis.

But is Nancy Pelosi working to try and get America back to work in a smart way?

Of course not.

Nancy Pelosi is trying to ensure that benefits go to illegal immigrants who are not paying taxes.

This is part of a broader strategy Democrats are working on to get illegal immigrants to vote for them in coming elections.

George Soros is hoping to oversee a multimillion-dollar push to advertise mail-in election ballot changes to illegal voters.

Nancy Pelosi wants to create a guaranteed income in America, not only for Americans but for illegal immigrants as well.

What guaranteed income means is that for most people, the government will just tax money to hand it back to them.

Or worse, the government will take on more debt to pay for basic income, crippling the future of our country.

And Nancy Pelosi wants to make sure that illegal immigrants get money too.

Pelosi was asked if she “would extend the guaranteed monthly income to illegal immigrants who file taxes with tax ID numbers.”

Pelosi responded: “I think the tax ID number is an entree for us in such an important way. It seems so simple. It seems so universal in how it has worked and that should be something that would apply.”

“Any way we go down the path it should apply, whether it’s direct payments, whether it’s participation in [Paycheck Protection Program] PPP. But they can participate in PPP, to my understanding. I don’t know if they have,” she added.

She added that the idea was “worthy of consideration” later in the interview.

Nancy Pelosi wants to take money from American taxpayers and give it to illegal immigrants.

Pelosi’s plan is another government overreach to tax money away from hard-working Americans and redistribute it to illegal immigrants, and it would encourage even more illegal immigration into America.

Nancy Pelosi’s plan would be an economic disaster for America.

It must be stopped.