Nancy PelosiThe Democrats are circling the wagons around an impeachment inquiry.

After nearly three years of attempting to overturn the 2016 election, the Democrats are taking the next step in their underhanded play.

But Nancy Pelosi accidentally exposed one major impeachment conspiracy.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi finally caved to the wild-eyed socialists in her party and supported an inquiry for the impeachment of Donald Trump.

Pelosi was reluctant because she’s a savvy politician, and she knows impeachment would not be a political winner, especially with the weak cards the Democrats hold in their hands.

But Pelosi gave into the mob, even though she’s expressed fear that impeachment might lose the Democrats their majority in the House.

The Democrats are moving ahead with impeachment on the basis of Trump’s innocuous phone call with new elected Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

However, Pelosi let it slip in a “60 Minutes” interview that she had seen a transcript of the report before the White House even authorized its release.

GOP Conference Chair Liz Cheney astutely pointed this out:

How Pelosi saw the transcript before it was even released raises serious questions that the Democrats don’t want to answer, and their compatriots in the so-called mainstream media won’t dare to ask.

This smells like a conspiracy.

Yet another Deep State leaker is actively working with the Democrats and the media to take down Trump.

These antics have been going on for three years.

Trump’s shadow enemies are getting more desperate and more anxious.

Every manufactured crisis they lob at Trump exposes more of their own wrongdoing, and this alleged whistleblower fake scandal is the latest example.

It’s hard for these people to keep all of the lies straight, which is likely why Pelosi erred in the “60 Minutes” interview.

Pelosi, historically one of the most far-left members of Congress, has been uncomfortably pushed into the role of moderate within her own party, because the upstart Democrats are very outspoken about their radical socialist agenda.

Meanwhile, Pelosi and other old-school progressives have kicked the ball to the left gradually without letting their masks fully slip.

But the mask is off.

Many prominent Democrats are fully embracing socialism, and the remaining moderates in the party have become the proverbial tree falling in the woods.

They’re getting in lockstep behind impeachment, but their hearts clearly are not into it.

They know impeachment is a political loser if you don’t have the cards, and the Democrats most certainly do not have the cards.

The last time the Democrats tried to railroad a high-profile figure was Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

The absurdity with which he was treated angered Republicans and moderates.

The same thing could happen with impeachment.

The Democrats wasted 22 months and tens of millions of dollars on Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation that turned up nothing.

The impeachment kabuki theater will be even worse, especially if it comes to light that it was all a Democrat-fueled conspiracy.