Nancy Pelosi’s future is up in the air.

Some pundits believe the Democrats will dump her after the midterm elections.

However, Nancy Pelosi left jaws on the ground when she dropped a big hint about when she will retire.

Nancy Pelosi’s Future Turns Into A Major 2018 Issue

Nancy Pelosi’s future is one of the biggest issues of the 2018 campaign.

Dozens of Democrats have promised not to vote for her to be Speaker of the House.

They know she is toxic.

In fact, Republicans won a special election in Georgia by making the race about Nancy Pelosi.

So some Democrats believe their best chance to win the House is to promise Americans that Pelosi will play no role in a new Congress.

Other Democrats want a new leader because of Pelosi’s history of failure.

She led the Democrats to losses in the 2010, 2014, and 2016 elections.

They think Pelosi and her team – all of whom are over the age of 70 – are past their prime.

There are enough Democrats saying they will vote against Pelosi to stop her from becoming Speaker of the House.

But will Democrats follow through if Pelosi leads a blue wave in November?

Pelosi Addresses The Retirement Rumors

Pelosi took the rumors of retirement head on.

She claimed she would have quit in 2016 if Hillary Clinton had won.

Pelosi said she only stuck around to protect Obamacare.

She also claimed she stayed because she wanted there to be a woman in a position of power.

In an interview with PBS, Pelosi admitted her critics had a point, saying, “It’s time for new blood and we should move on.” She added, “If Hillary Clinton had won, and the Affordable Care Act was protected— I feel very proprietary about that—I was happy to go my way.”

Pelosi continued, “But to have no woman at the table and to have the Affordable Care Act at risk, I said, ‘As long as he’s here, I’m here,” Pelosi said referring to Trump, whom she called “45.”

Pelosi claimed Democrats could pick a new leader and that she’d had the “honor of serving, and it’s up to them to choose who comes next.”

However, Pelosi claimed they would vote for her to be the next Speaker.

Pelosi Faces A Different Challenge

However, the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) may run one of their members for Speaker.

Blacks give Democrats over 90 percent of their vote.

If Democrats win back the House, black voters will play a huge role.

Therefore, the CBC will demand a reward.

Democrats’ defining issue is racial politics.

In Democrat primaries right now, minority candidates are winning elections.

These races feature candidates with no real policy differences.

But the Democrats are dependent on minority voters and they are choosing nominees whom they believe represent them because of their race.

If a black member of Congress runs against Pelosi, Democrats will have a tough time explaining why they chose a white woman over a minority.

However, Pelosi can save her job by winning.

If the Democrats win the House, it will be tough to dump Pelosi.

She raises the money that powers Democrat campaigns.

Do you think Democrats will ditch Nancy Pelosi?

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