Nancy Pelosi has a long history of exploiting tragedy for political gain.

She used the riot in Charlottesville to launch a fresh attack on Donald Trump.

But it turned out to be the biggest lie of her life.

In the wake of the tragic death of 32-year-old Heather Heyer who was killed when she was run over by a car, Pelosi tried to tie the White supremacists who organized the rally to the Trump administration and specifically Chief Strategist Steve Bannon.

Pelosi demanded Trump fire Bannon because he supposedly is a “White supremacist sympathizer.”

Breitbart reported:

In the press release, Pelosi claimed Trump “has sheltered and encouraged the forces of bigotry and discrimination” and that his initial remarks about the recent events in Virginia as being “well in line with the unmistakable conduct of his Administration toward immigrants, Muslims, and communities of color.”

“It shouldn’t take the President of the United States two days to summon the basic decency to condemn murder and violence by Nazis and White supremacists,” Pelosi said.

This is not the first time that Democrats have made baseless attacks on Bannon and called for his firing.

Pelosi’s is parroting the usual Democrat lie that all Republicans are racists and secret KKK members.

But it’s fake news.

A second lie Pelosi told was about Trump’s initial statement where he condemned the violence on many sides.

Liberals like Pelosi and their allies in the media tried to cover up the role “Black Lives Matter” and Antifa played in the chaos.

Charlottesville’s Police Chief stated the violence was caused by “mutually engaged combatants.”

Trump was correct to blame both sides for the violence because White supremacists, “Black Lives Matter” and Antifa were all responsible for escalating the situation.

Pelosi is known to tell lies.

But smearing Trump and his team as racists who were responsible for the violence in Charlottesville takes the cake.