What will happen to Nancy Pelosi after the 2018 midterms is one of the most asked questions in politics.

President Trump was holding a private meeting when that one question was answered.

And the news was not good.

Republicans informed President Trump that Democrats winning control of the House was a virtual lock.

Meaning Nancy Pelosi would become Speaker and that Democrats would quickly begin impeachment proceedings.

Axios’ Mike Allen reports:

  • Hill sources tell us that a House Democratic takeover is now likely.

  • One strategist close to Republican leaders believes that a loss of the House is “baked in,” and said top Republicans don’t see a way to avoid it.

  • It would take a flip of 24 seats for Dems to take over. The average loss for the president’s party in his first midterm is about 32 seats, and we’re hearing forecasts of 40+ losses.

You can’t predict outcomes this far out, but these hard facts scare the hell out of Republicans: 

  • Eight House GOP chairs have retired: You don’t climb to the top of power in Congress and leave unless you feel confident your reign will soon end. (Another factor: Chairmanships are term-limited from a Gingrich-era reform.)
  • Record retirements for GOP: Already, 29 GOP seats are open, a pace far exceeding the past two elections that saw power change hands. 
  • Democrats outperformed their norms in turnout, and in total votes, in all seven 2017 elections. This is a clear indicator of energy. 
  • Record number of Democratic women voting and considering running for office. This, more than anything, is a reaction to Trump and the #MeToo movement. 
  • In polls, voters prefer Democrats for Congress by a 10-point margin. There is no way to spin this: +10 is terrible in a 50/50 nation.

Be smart: Republicans typically hold a built-in advantage in House elections in modern politics. The reason: a combo of congressional districts designed for a GOP edge + the fact that old, white voters outperform in off-year elections because they actually vote. But Democratic momentum looks like it could drench the map. 

The takeaway: With a Democratic House, Trump faces not only a high risk of impeachment proceedings, but hostile chairs with subpoena power who can tie up the administration with hearings and document requests.

Establishment Republicans made this nightmare possible.

Instead of working with Trump on passing his agenda – which would have raised approval ratings – they launched Congressional investigations based on fake news about collusion with Russia.

The RINOs in Congress spent their time performing like trained circus animals and attacked the President to win the applause of the anti-Trump media.

A Speaker Pelosi would be a disaster.

She would try to slam the brakes on the Trump agenda – which is responsible for America’s economic boom – in order to sink his re-election.

But there is still time for the GOP to get on the same page as Trump and enact his winning agenda.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this story.