Pattie Curran watched warily as the Affordable Care Act was assembled by Democrat lawmakers back in 2010.

As the mother of two children born with an incredibly rare bone marrow disease, she depended on her insurance company to help her pay for the life-giving medications that would help her children have a semblance of a normal life.

Now, with Obamacare passed, Curran can’t predict whether her children will be able to make it much longer since the medications she was once barely able to afford are now out of reach financially.

Writing in the Washington Times, Curran delivered a scathing review of the failures of the system.

As she notes:

[Before Obamacare] We averaged $10,000 to $12,000 a year in billed out-of-pocket medical expenses before Obamacare became law. In 2013, we incurred just over $27,000 in out-of-pocket medical expenses. President Obama’s signature piece of legislation has more than doubled our yearly medical costs.

We first noticed changes for our family in 2011. For us, it started with higher premiums, deductibles, out-of-pocket maximums and co-pays. The co-pay for a medication that protects my youngest son’s kidneys from damage had been $131 for a three-month supply for five to six years before the law passed. In 2011, the medication suddenly more than doubled.

We watched in horror as it skyrocketed to $532 by the middle of 2013, while at the same time trying to get a medical-necessity exception. Obamacare not only made everything less affordable, it created more work for families and providers. We have witnessed a corresponding decrease in quality of care because of the extra administrative demands placed on physicians and their staff.

Curran’s story, like many, is one marked by tragedy as the mismanagement of healthcare under the Obama administration begins to take its toll.

Families who once were able to afford healthcare, can’t.

Premiums have shot up across the board, and American families have responded by attempting to work more and forgoing many of the necessities of everyday life.

As Curran sadly informs readers, she and her family were once able to provide for their children, but the battle was arduous and burdensome.

Now, her children who were once able to be administered quality care are falling through the cracks as the imposition of the forced healthcare mandate puts a strain on healthcare providers’ ability to deliver high-quality care.

Worse yet is how little Democrat lawmakers seem to care about the situation she finds herself in.

I publicly warned my own senator, Kay R. Hagan, North Carolina Democrat, about the impact the legislation would have on my children. Though she denied the truth of my claims at the time, almost everything I imagined would happen because of the law has come to fruition.

[These comments were made by Curran in the comment section of the article.] I went to DC twice to visit Hagan. Her staffers were rude, one rolled her eyes. I also brought copies of our medical bills and letter from employer to every senator’s office and every representatives office. Only 3 cared. Kay Hagan wasn’t one of them. (Those who cared were Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Mike Lee).

Mrs. Hagan’s deciding vote on Obamacare has meant disaster for our family and for families like ours. One-size-fits-all government programs, like Obamacare, will always have unintended consequences that will bring devastation to many American families.

The Democrat windbags in D.C. have placed Curran and her family in a position that is unmanageable and detrimental to their happiness.

The government was never intended to pass laws such as Obamacare, and in theory, was created to help Americans live a life where the pursuit of happiness was not to be infringed.

Now, tax paying citizens can do nothing but watch as Democrats ram legislation through Congress and feel the effects as if a wrecking ball had been launched through their living room.

This is not the American dream. Obamacare has not and will not pave a path toward happiness anymore than a suicide bombing will bring peace.

Republicans have made promises that should they be elected, Obamacare will be defunded. But will America last another two years?

Who can tell?

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