mueller 12.21

Reality is beginning to set in on Robert Mueller.

His rigged witch hunt began with the close of taking down President Trump.

And now Mueller is sweating bullets because the one man he fears the most may shut him down.

President Trump’s new nominee for the office of Attorney General has Democrats in a bind.

And Robert Mueller is dreading his confirmation by the Senate.

While Democrats have spent weeks ripping into Matthew Whitaker, who currently holds the office as acting Attorney General, they may soon come to hate President Trump’s replacement nominee even more.

The President nominated William Barr to fill the role of outgoing AG Jeff Sessions earlier this fall.

And Barr has a resume that will leave Mueller and the Democrats alike in complete disarray.

The Daily Caller reports, “During his first stint at the Justice Department, Barr proved a stalwart defender of presidential power. For example, the ACLU flagged a memo Barr produced in 1989 identifying routine congressional intrusions on executive authority.”

“He specifically attacked limits on the president’s power to remove executive branch officers, and suggested that restrictions on the termination power identified by the Supreme Court in a foundational 1988 decision were limited to the facts of that case,” the Daily Caller adds.

The Barr memo suggests that Trump’s AG nominee could be the worst thing imaginable for Robert Mueller.

Barr’s record in government suggests he will be a staunch ally of President Trump’s agenda, and a key opponent to Mueller’s witch hunt “Russia collusion” investigation, as well as his cheerleaders in the Democratic Party.

The biggest red flag for Mueller is what Barr wrote about the President’s power to dismiss him from his position.

“Because the power to remove is the power to control, restrictions on the removal power strike at the heart of the president’s power to direct the executive branch and perform his constitutional duties,” wrote Barr.

Barr has criticized Mueller directly before, suggesting in the summer of 2017 during an interview with the Washington Post that his team is overwhelmingly staffed with partisan Democrats.

“I would have liked to see him have more balance on this group,” Barr said.

Democrats are now forced to choose between Whitaker, a man who has made it clear he opposes the Mueller investigation, and Barr, a man who has already made the legal argument against Mueller’s witch hunt on constitutional grounds.

The result is a clear lose-lose situation for Chuck Schumer and Senate Democrats.

But it’s even worse for Robert Mueller.

Mueller doesn’t get to pick which man he will answer to, and both could spell doom for his two-year quest to destroy the President.

Worse yet, Barr has – through his memo — already set the stage for Mueller’s removal should the Senate confirm him to the AG post.

The Senate Judiciary Committee, which has a clear Republican majority, is expected to act on Whitaker’s nomination in January.

Until then, Mueller has just a few weeks left to drag his investigation on, but after Barr’s likely confirmation, he may be kicked to the curb.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.