Robert Mueller’s entire investigation is a lie.

But one is bigger than all the rest.

And it just proved Donald Trump’s worst fears about Robert Mueller.

Robert Mueller’s Big Lie

Media outlets painted a picture of Mueller as a “by the book” lawman.

They claim he never leaks anything to the press.

But countless stories popped up in the media about what witnesses had said or the status of the investigation.

Fake news journalists stated Mueller did not leak these stories.

But that was a lie.

The Smoking Gun Surfaces

For months, Trump supporters questioned the media narrative that Mueller never leaked.

Finally, the smoking gun emerged.

The Department of Justice’s Special Counsel Office released hundreds of pages of emails and text messages.

The Daily Caller was able to obtain them through a Freedom of Information Act request.

The documents show that Mueller’s team kept in close contact with a number of reporters.

They also lead critics to believe Mueller’s office fed reporters stories.

The Daily Caller reports on their examination of the Mueller team’s text messages and emails:

The New York Times ran a story in August poking fun at the secrecy of the special counsel, with one reporter writing that Carr’s “‘no comment’ replies have become a running dark joke among the Washington press corps.”

But on July 21st, 2017, Adam Goldman from TheNYT sent an email to Carr about arranging a “touch base” meeting, according to documents provided by the DOJ.

That meeting was later rescheduled, but it is just one in a pattern of meetings and private calls from reporters jockeying for opportunities to solicit information from an investigation that has been labeled as “leak proof” from the press.

Ironically, Vox was one of those exact outlets that proclaimed Mueller’s team as immune to leaks — despite one of its reporters communicating extensively with Carr via text.

Critics Raise More Questions

These messages lead to more questions.

Americans know from the Peter Strzok and Lisa Page text message scandal that Deep State agents used personal phones for communications.

They evaded record keeping laws by using this practice.

Did Mueller’s team employ similar tactics?

Did anyone on Mueller’s team use encrypted messaging apps to hide their communications with the press?

Regardless, one thing is clear.

And it’s that the media lied when they said Mueller’s team was leak proof.

So what other false, anti-Trump stories did the press feed the public to boost the Mueller probe?

The public relations fight has always been a big part of this investigation.

Trump and his allies pointed out that the Russian collusion story is a hoax.

The Mueller team tried to keep their legitimacy by claiming they were working silently while the media fought back.

However, we know that was not the case.

The Mueller team did fight back.

But the press lied about where their stories were coming from.

They tried to make it seem like lawyers for the people Mueller interviewed or the witnesses themselves were their only sources.

That may have been partly true.

But the reality is that Mueller and his team were guiding the press while the media lied about how they never leaked.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.