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Robert Mueller’s investigation just took a turn for the worst.

The FBI’s treason against the President is even uglier than anyone thought.

And now Robert Mueller has to answer for one lie that should land Barack Obama’s entire Deep State in jail.

The New York Times detonated a political nuclear bomb when they published a story that the FBI had opened a counterintelligence investigation to determine whether Donald Trump wittingly or unwittingly had been acting as a Russian agent when he fired FBI Director James Comey in May 2017.

To Trump supporters, this bombshell proved their worst fears true.

Times’ reporters Adam Goldman and Michael Schmidt reported that FBI leadership panicked over Trump claiming in an NBC interview that he fired Comey because of the Russia investigation and some of Trump’s foreign policy actions.

But this story flies in the face of previous reporting from last April which revealed that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein told Trump’s legal team that the President was not the target of the Mueller probe.

The FBI opened the counterintelligence investigation into the President after Comey was fired in early May.

By May 17 – just days after Comey’s termination – Mueller was appointed special counsel.

Many experts believe Mueller absorbed the counterintelligence investigation into his probe.

Did Rosenstein lie to the Trump legal team about the President not being a target?

Or did Mueller keep Rosenstein in the dark about his true intentions towards the President.

Either way, this story paints a disturbing picture about the FBI and special counsel’s office.

And they have a lot to answer for.

The FBI weaponized their investigative powers against a sitting President over ideological disagreements.

That is not how democracy works.

A nation’s law enforcement and counterintelligence agencies are not the judge and jury of what a country’s foreign policy should look like.

Harvard law professor Jack Goldsmith wrote that the President has the sole power to determine what is in the nation’s best interests by virtue of his Article II powers.

The FBI investigating the President for being a national security threat violates the Constitution.

Goldsmith argued, “The Supreme Court has often affirmed, many times since United States v. Curtiss-Wright Export Corp., that it is the president himself, not the executive branch, who possesses “the very delicate, plenary and exclusive power … as the sole organ of the federal government in the field of international relations—a power which does not require as a basis for its exercise an act of Congress.” Moreover, the president has plenary control within the executive branch of the intelligence power and classified information, which is defined, by the president, in terms of harm to national security. In short, the president is the person constitutionally charged with determining what constitutes the national security interest and national security threats for the executive branch, which is where the FBI is located.”

If anyone should be investigated for betraying the nation, many Americans believe it should be the FBI leadership who used its counterintelligence apparatus to try and veto the foreign policy choices of the President of the United States.

Do you agree?

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