Americans realize Robert Mueller is out to get President Trump.

But he is getting help from the inside.

And you’ll be shocked when you find out who wants to help Mueller betray Trump.

RINO Republicans Stab Donald Trump In The Back

RINO Republicans want to see Mueller destroy Donald Trump.

Retiring liberal Jeff Flake led the charge.

Flake fought Trump for open borders and amnesty.

GOP voters realized he was a RINO sellout, so he was forced to retire because his approval ratings were in the teens.

Now he is fighting for revenge.

Flake is scheming to pass legislation to “protect” Mueller and bar Trump from firing him even if Mueller tries to frame him for crimes he didn’t commit.

At first, Flake claimed he would block all judicial nominations until he got a vote on it.

But no other Republican joined him because it would be career suicide.

So he pivoted to the December 7th funding bill.

“The final goal is to put it as part of the spending bill and get it signed into law but the first goal has to be having a vote on the floor. If there’s support for it then there will be more pressure,” Flake stated.

Other RINOs Side With Mueller

Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn – who is also a RINO who supports gun control and amnesty – wanted Trump to quickly nominate a pro-Mueller Attorney General to replace Matt Whitaker who has blasted Mueller for running a witch hunt in the past.

“If we had some confidence that there is somebody nominated that would be confirmed in a reasonable period of time, to me it seems like it would relieve a lot of the controversy,” Cornyn stated.

Pro-amnesty RINO James Lankford agreed.

“It would be helpful to start moving … so we can have that person in place as soon as possible,” Lankford declared. “Whoever is going to be there would have to make clear statements about what they intend to do on the special counsel. The sooner the better. Let’s get it resolved.”

South Dakota Senator John Thune also tried to send a signal to Trump that he should nominate a pro-Mueller Attorney General.

“Whether it happens now or next year in the Senate, we’re pretty well positioned to move forward. We’ll have the votes we think, assuming it’s somebody who’s well qualified and I expect them to be,” Thune declared.

Trump supporters were appalled.

The Mueller witch hunt is a scheme to undo the 2016 election.

This is obvious to everyone.

They cannot understand why Republicans are working to protect Mueller instead of defending the will of the American people.

They elected Donald Trump to be their President.

Mueller is a clear and present danger to Americans faith in democratic institutions.

If the swamp is just going to veto every electoral decision they don’t like, then the American people are no longer free to choose their own leaders.

Mueller is a threat to the very fabric of America and his rigged witch hunt needs to end.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.