The left is well-known for their race-baiting politics.

They constantly jump on any opportunity they can to attack white people.

And MSNBC just crossed the line with perhaps their most disgusting attack against white people yet.

The leftist media don’t even try to hide their disdain for white people anymore.

During a recent discussion about an FBI report on black identity extremists, Jamira Burley stated that white men pose “the biggest threat to Americans every single day.”

Burley, who is the founder of ‘GenYNOT’, stated she was disturbed by the FBI’s rhetoric when speaking about black identity extremists.

In other words, she wanted the FBI to soften their tone on those who are racist against white people, while at the same time label white men as a threat to all of America.

As reported by Breitbart:

“Saturday on MSNBC, during a discussion on an FBI report on “black identity extremists,” Jamira Burley, the founder of Genynot, said white men posed “the biggest threat to Americans every single day.”

Burley said, “What is extremely disturbing about Jeff Session and the FBI rhetoric around this idea of black identity extremist is it continues to highlight white Americans disdain with black people demanding equal due which is protection under the law, access to resources and the ability to freely move through throughout society without being victimized and criminalized.”

She continued, “What is interesting though is that white men continue to be the–pose the biggest threat to Americans every single day. It’s been documented and verified that they are more likely to burn down churches, more likely to commit mass murders and mass shootings and so Jeff Sessions’ reality and his assessment on these people I think is both lacking in facts and both reality.””

The left has spent the past 2 years working to slander anyone who supports President Trump by calling them racists.

They have nothing to back their claims, but continue to use “racist” as a buzzword to attack anyone who disagrees with them.

Mainstream media leftists have even gone so far to call black Trump supporters white supremacists.

Earlier this year, Chelsea Handler went so far as to call Ben Carson and Sherriff David Clarke black white supremacists.

Again reported by Breitbart:

“Chelsea Handler attacked Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson and other conservative blacks during Friday’s episode of her Netflix show, putting them in “the most confusing group of racists.”

The final segment of Chelsea saw Handler identifying different types of “racists” in the United States, namely “white supremacist, white nationalists, neo-Nazis, and neo-confederates.” Handler explained to her audience another group; “black people who think white people are better than them,” labeling them “black white supremacists.”

Among the so-called “black white supremacists” are Carson, conservative actress and model Stacey Dash, and former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke.”

But the fact that the mainstream media spends so much time attacking conservatives, and calling them racists, just proves how much conservatives are winning.

They can’t stand the fact that Donald Trump is President, and that there are millions of Americans who stand with him.

Do you think that MSNBC should apologize for their racist statement?

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