Mitt Romney’s election to the U.S. Senate spelled big trouble for Donald Trump and conservatives.

The failed 2012 GOP Presidential nominee led the RINO “Never Trump” revolt in 2016.

But that was nothing compared to Romney executing this scary betrayal that left Trump reeling.

Fake news reporters and Never Trump Republicans celebrated Romney winning a Senate seat in Utah.

They view Romney as their ideal Republican – one that values “civility” and “playing by the rules” and doesn’t engage in cultural fights because “losing with honor” is the value they cherish above all else.

Romney also understands that the establishment views the GOP as the Washington Generals of politics – second class citizens out to put on a good show, but will ultimately lose to the Democrats.

But Romney – a failed politician who has lost virtually every race he ever entered – finally stumbled into the one election he couldn’t lose.

As a Mormon running in Utah, Romney was guaranteed a cake walk election.

And now that he is in Washington, he’s planted his flag as the leader of the movement to kneecap Donald Trump’s Presidency.

Out-going Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, who served as Romney’s disastrous Vice Presidential nominee, passed on the torch of GOP sellouts to Romney.

Ryan praised him as the next John McCain.

Romney jumped at the chance to accept that mantle.

“I believe that I will speak my views as well from time to time. I don’t think I’ll be able to do what John McCain did,” Romney recently declared.

Trump supporters cringed at those words.

John McCain spent his political career stabbing conservatives in the back.

He supported open borders and amnesty.

The Arizona RINO also supported gutting the First Amendment with disclosure rules and other restrictions to make political speech illegal.

McCain always played the role of useful idiot for the liberal media whenever they needed a “Republican” to go on the air and condemn conservatives.

Romney has already demonstrated an eagerness to pick up where McCain left off after his death.

When Antifa and Black Lives Matter fought with white nationalists in Charlottesville where a young woman was killed when a white supremacist ran over her with his car, Romney condemned Trump for pointing out that the left wing thugs were also to blame for the violence.

And more recently, Romney tweeted out a stunning statement stabbing Trump in the back on Saudi Arabia.

Trump dismissed the Obama echo chamber’s calls to end the U.S. alliance with Saudi Arabia after the murder of pro-Muslim Brotherhood activist Jamal Khashoggi because Saudi Arabia is a key part of Trump’s plan to contain Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

Some pundits speculate that this means Romney is gearing up for a primary challenge to Donald Trump.

Never Trump RINO pundit Mike Murphy said Romney challenging Trump is well within the realm of possibility.

“Trump seemed like a bumbling incompetent in many ways, so what’s the opposite of that — who is a comfortable Republican, super-confident, safe, no drama choice? It’s Mitt,” Murphy stated on The Jamie Weinstein Show podcast.

And even if Romney loses, Never Trumpers like Murphy could achieve their goal.

The last four Presidents who faced serious primary challengers – Lyndon Johnson, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush – all either withdrew from the race or were defeated for re-election.

Romney launching a kamikaze mission against Trump would satisfy the desire of Democrats and establishment Republicans to see Trump out of the picture and the globalists once again clutching the levers of power.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.