Anti-trump RINO Mitt Romney is on the warpath.

The failed 2012 Presidential candidate and leading Trump-hater is still scheming to drum up opposition to the President.

And he just stabbed Trump in the back in the most disgusting way.

Conservatives were thrilled when Trump rejected the establishment calls to abandon Judge Roy Moore in the Alabama senate race.

Trump rejected the questionable allegations against Moore and sided with his conservative base in support of a strong Christian and against a pro-abortion Democrat.

This enraged Romney and the rest of the anti-Trump RINO establishment.

They wanted Moore out of the race so they could squash conservatives and reassert the establishment’s control over the GOP.

Romney – like other cowardly Republicans – leapt at the chance to echo the media attacks against Moore and call for a Democrat who supports aborting babies up until the moment of birth to win the election.

But Romney may have attacked Moore for a different reason.

He is trying to push Utah Senator Orrin Hatch to retire so he can run to fill his seat and use the Senate as his staging ground to undermine the Trump administration.

Attacking Roy Moore is his way of planting his flag as the leading voice of the #NeverTrump “resistance.”

Romney is just another fake Republican who constantly criticizes conservatives and praises liberal policy positions.

Had he spent one tenth of the effort attacking Obama that he expends to Christian conservatives he may have won the election.

But his anti-Moore and anti-Trump efforts will fail just as miserable as his Presidential campaign.